Darby Bell Tiny House


This tiny house in Austin, Texas was professionally designed and is one of several tiny houses in a tiny house village in Austin, Texas.







Tiny house on foundation with large overhand in Austin, Texas. Interior designed by Darby Bell Designs.


  • Karen says:

    A beautiful little place, and a nice porch. But with no bathroom, it is too tiny for me.

  • garrett says:

    Two weeks of not posting tiny homes and we get this? 6 pictures none of a kitchen or bathroom…

    • JosephK says:

      Yaaasss! I noticed that too, but instead of whining, my curiosity forced me to spend 35 seconds to find the answer. And I discovered that this TH is part of a 200 acre TH community in Austin, conceived as an affordable solution to homelessness. The houses are architecturally designed, with blueprints, labor and materials donated. There are no bathrooms or kitchens — those are communal, along with other community related needs like grocery, healthcare and a theater. Maybe this vid from the guy who built this one will help. https://youtu.be/N_6BWKgbrHw . I agree that a brief explanation and link would have been helpful. But serious TH adventurers, by their nature, will figure out how to answer this question for themselves.

    • Lone Hansen says:

      Garrett, “Thiny House Swoon” is dependent on people sending in images to the site. They do not go out and look up the houses. You can not expect postings, if no one is sending in images and texts. Besides this, then there is no kitchen and bathroom in the house. Hence no images. You would know this to be the fact, if you actually investigated the origin before complaining. There is a link to the designer of the house.

  • Dave says:

    It’s nice, but calling it a Tiny House isn’t fully accurate because it’s more of a Tiny Bedroom.

  • Lone Hansen says:

    I actually like the house. Nice colors and a cozy room. Would be enough for my summer lot. I anticipate of having an outhouse. And I can get by with the fridge, a small sink and a table top hotplate. So it is the perfect size.

  • Bob G says:

    I hate the thought of that much real estate dedicated to porch area. There’s no real reason to not dedicate that footprint to more indoor space, unless the builders just ran out of wood. Give me more living space and I’ll happily plant my lawn chair on the grass.

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