Custom Contemporary


This tiny house has some features that make it pretty unique. We’re talking sliding under-stair storage, alarm system and a whole bunch more.







A custom 303 square feet (including lofts) tiny house in Columbus, Ohio. More info. here.


  • alice h says:

    Really like that under stair storage setup and all the windows in that comfy looking lounge area.

  • sc says:

    This is a Tiny House Nation project. It was recently on air. They just moved into this house and they are already selling it? What on earth is going on? Did anyone from this season actually keep their house? It seems like more than half the people on these shows are selling after a few months.

    • June says:

      By the time the show airs, the tiny housers have lived in the house for at least a year. They were living in their house in 2015, because on their Facebook page they had Christmas 2015 in the house.

      • Lisa E. says:

        This still doesn’t explain why they are moving out. What’s causing this? Why isn’t anyone talking about this?
        I was listening to a prediction show and they said in 2015, the whole THM is going to fall apart because of the inability to find places to park. People have never really addressed the stranglehold the real estate people and the local town boards have on allowing THOWs. This is Establishment politics at its worst. Too bad, I’ll be sad to see the THM go.

    • Jay says:

      I was just thinking the same thing about these homes. What’s the point of building it and you only live in it for a year or less? Because they are so customizable to the owner, it would be hard to sell it to someone else.

    • nikki says:

      im wondering the same thing. i keep seeing that these tiny houses that appeared on tv are now online and for sale. can someone tell us what’s going on?

  • John says:

    It seems as if a lot of Tiny House Nation & Tiny House Hunting homes end up for re-sale on the listings site soon after they air. I guess they found out the tiny house dream is really just a nightmare?

  • June says:

    It will be too bad. I love this idea. It is freeing, and tiny housers and the town can find a way to live amiably. I think laws need to be changed. People who are interested in this movement should come together. I love the idea of buying a house that suits a person for 30 to 40 thousand dollars. Pay for it in cash, or in a few years, like a car. Not 30 years of your life. It’s obscene.

  • June says:

    Also, I love this tiny house. The living room sold me. After work, I need to relax for a while on the sofa and look at the news. They also have a good, smart place to eat. Their rooms are proportional to my needs– a big living room, a nice loft you can sit up in, walls look like drywall, just like a house, just shrunk down to manageable size. Paint the exposed cedar white, and that’s my tiny house!

  • Maia says:

    Check out this video to find out what one woman did to change the laws in her community to accommodate Tiny Houses on Wheels. And the video (just over an hour) shows what’s happening in communities like Fresno and Ojai, California. The movement is afoot and growing momentum. You will be inspired!

  • Sandra says:

    I have designed my tiny home and the “living” room is the same- cool I can see it already done. Just a thought on why people are selling their tiny homes that are on national tv – money. I wonder how many offers they get to sell ” as-is”. Maybe enough to sell, pay off a mortgage, and build again debt free? I think this would be a pain but I would probably do it to be debt free. People pay more for ” good enough to be on tv” items. Just a thought. Good design thanx for the pictures.- Sandra

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