Chicken Tender Cabin

Way out there in California.

Our kids are going on 8 and 6 and they seem happy in this house. They share the loft for sleeping and toy storage, and there are thousands of acres to explore. Still, we are keenly aware of our limited circumstances. We all work to respect the need for personal space, but eventually Isaiah isn’t going to want to share a room with his sister anymore. We have plans to create a bedroom out of the back deck, and contractor friends say we could easily and inexpensively add on to the side of the house as well. Another possibility is outbuildings. So we have options.

A 300 square feet off-grid a-frame cabin Mendocino County, California. More info. here.


  • SebGrav says:

    What a happy looking place. Congrats! Could you describe how you finished the walls. The yellow behind the wood stove is gorgeous.

  • A darling home….!! You can plainly see the caring and loving family that dwells within. We have lived for 30 years in an A frame, built in the early 70s. We added a large bedroom on the side, eventually. We love it so much..!! We will NEVER leave it…

  • MJ says:

    This looks like a beautiful way to live and raise your children. When the time comes to expand, best of luck, I can only imagine it adding more room for joy.

  • Adam P. says:

    This place looks like it can offer some incredible childhood experiences. Hiking, exploring..I think it´s a great gift to your children when you enable them to spend most of their waking hours outside where all they can hear is crickets and the rustling of the wind in trees. Love the glass panes incorporated into the facade, they make the cabin stand out. Very cozy amd peaceful place to live. Wish you all the best and keep it up!

  • Angie says:

    My favorite childhood memories are of exploring the 400 acres of forest and grazing land that abutted my grandmothers property. I remember less the home itself than the warmth within the walls. This is a fantastic way to grow up. Best of life and love to y’all.

  • This seem super sweet ! Can we get any more information about theses peoples and their project ?


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