Cedar Ridge


An affordable, two-tone tiny house on wheels built in South Dakota.







  • Robert says:

    I really like the finishes and the look of the outside. It’s hard to tell anything about what the space inside actually feels like from the pictures.

  • Kathy says:

    It is indeed a shame, Robert and June, that these photos show so little of the interior of this tiny house. The exterior is beautifully done. The workmanship appears to be really good – look at those kitchen cabinets! – but the floor plan cannot even be guessed at from the photos. Where is the refrigerator? Where does that generous looking closet fit into the floor plan? What’s up withthat long look down a hallway? Looks like very wasted space without knowing why it is there. Where is there any actual living space for seating and recreating and eating? I visited the online listing, and I have to tell you that the price is great — about $20k finished inside, and about half that unfinished inside. But there is no way to tell if you could actually live in it! Hopefully they will try to retake the photos and let us all see how it fits together.

    • Deana says:

      Kathy, I was wondering & thinking the same thing! I feel like I’m looking at pictures of 2 different tiny homes! You really can’t tell what anything is!

      ~ Deana

  • Daniel says:

    This one looks great and is priced rather cheap at $19,500 or $10,500 (for unfinished one). Better than some I’ve seen listed for $35k+. Awesome work!

  • Carol says:

    I agree this house is gorgeous, but the pics are lacking. What is the floorplan? I love so much about this but am sad i can’t actually see the layout

  • Emmie says:

    I was just about to hop on to say exactly what others are saying. In general, I’m tired of these huge, way zoomed in photos. I cannot get a lay of the land, so to speak, nor truly understand how things are laid out. I *think* it looks like a high quality build, with some innovations I’ve actually been thinking about for my own build, but I end up literally experiencing vertigo when I try to look at photos like these. C’mon, contributors! Think about what you’re presenting when you decide on what photos to take, and whether it’s helping display your build or making it frustrating for people to try to figure out.

  • Beth says:

    Love shed roofs. Would love more photos that give a sense of layout and space. Like where do you get to the bed area? Tub/shower? But from what I do see, its beautiful. Also interesting how the door is on the end where the hitch is. Reason for that choice?

    • June says:

      I didn’t notice the door there. That might be a problem after the tiny house is parked and you want a nice sitting porch.

  • Lisa E. says:

    I’m with everyone else; a lot more pictures. Whoever put this together know what they are doing because the craftsmanship is excellent; the place is beautiful and the price is so attractive for seniors and low income folks to put a lovely roof over their heads, and anyone else. This little beauty is some really stiff competition for other makes out there. In fact, I think I’m going to put this builder on speed dial for when I get my house sold.

  • Kristina H Nadreau says:

    prison labor is commonly used for construction in The Dakotas. I happen to think it is a good idea because the men learn some skills and have pride in their accomplishment. However, this means they can sell much cheaper than a crew that must make a profit to survive. some will claim this is unfair competition and some will applaud the lower prices. Most builders have to pay for labor.

  • Erin Parent says:

    I’m going to chime right in…..The photos aren’t worth a thing when it comes to showing a home, is you can’t get the “feel” of the home. Why not stand in the doorway and take a shot from there, since I’m assuming I’m not the only one who wants to see “normal”,”typical” shots from regular standing positions of what we’d see if walking around there. Getting the camera angled right up against the back of the stick doesn’t do us any good unless we can see the rest of where it’s all positioned in the room….. I don’t care much about seeing anyone’s bed, if that’s all we see. Seriously, a bed? Let’s see how the room itself is positioned and designed in the home…doorway? Storage? Any other bonuses in the structure….. I, myself, just wish some photographers would stop getting to make some tiny homes look bigger (if that’s what the point is??? don’t know) If we who love tiny living wanted to have a large home we wouldn’t be looking at these “tiny” websites for ideas….
    Sorry I couldn’t be more positive, usually I like to admire and appreciate……but I truly can’t get the feel here.

    Great looking exterior, though, I do love that!

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