Cedar Hut

cedar-hut-1This little hut packs a lot of character into 80 square feet.








  • Liz says:

    A nice, clean job. Very well done, I’ll take two.

  • Sparrow says:

    This is kind of a crude question, but does the whole house stink when you take a dump? I’m serious. That’s one of the drawbacks of tiny houses.

    • gunguru01 says:

      People who have never tried a composting toilet always think its gross and stinks! To me, a chem. toilet smells worse. Arm and Hammer makes the smell go away as do other things. Plus, having anything other than a composter or incinerator means either a waste tank that has to be pumped and dumped or a permanent waste line connection that makes moving tougher! If you want to go tiny and mobile, the reality is that a stinky old composter is the most ecological and economical friendly!

  • Mussa says:

    So, Gunguroi, If Arm and Hammer, etc.”makes the smell go away, there is a smell? And if “a stinky old composter is the most….”, a composter is stinky?

  • I would take this over a classic trailer any time.

  • Tim says:

    Great job! This is really a nice looking and seemingly well built unit.
    I’ve never cared for toilets with such a high bowel. Just too close for comfort. Great for a smaller and skinner person maybe but not so much for some of us heavier people.
    For me I tend to like the depth of a good Tethford RV toilet and will put up with the trouble of dumping it. If that isn’t possible a good lined 5 gallon bucket does the trick.

  • Curtis Beardsley says:

    This is really beautiful! I like that you have put a porta-potti in it. I know folks, overexposure and all. However, I think we need to rethink our modesty issues and just recognize natural functions. Hey, I used to change clothes in the closet so I was sure no one saw me. Crazy modest! I’m drawn to this design because of the resemblance to a shepherds hut. Always have love that look. You have put all of the necessities in it and it still looks open and comfortable. Excellent job! I just wish I had the where-with-all to buy something like this. AND, that I wasn’t disabled. Though, there is little to maintain in this.

  • Mike says:

    This makes me smile. Kind of a cross between cabin culture and gypsy culture. Not a big fan of high gloss polyurethane, but that’s just me. The swagged canvas insulation hammocks is a clever way to keep the heat in and also maintain the vardo look, although you could also do cross-laid lath strips to good effect.

    Any trip in this wagon would be a great memory. Good job.

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