Wildwood Cottage

Premium park model living.

A small cottage in Sedro Wooley, Washington built by West Coast Homes. More info. here.


  • Where is this house?? I LOVE it

  • I love this. Perfect for one person or retired couple who want to downsize.

  • Bob says:

    Very nice looking cottage. Would love to see more interior shots and also wondering what the cost per square foot or even rough cost of this design is. I went to builders web site but couldn’t find much info there either.

  • Shannon says:

    How many square feet is this? It’s absolutely beautiful!

  • Rose says:

    You have done a wonderful job on your cottage, it has every thing one would need for a great escape when it comes to size, it’s small enough to go away to without too much fuss and cleaning and big enough to cook relax and sleep we have a tiny cottage most call a cabin just 300 square feet and it host a double bed with night stands in a separate room, a couch and coffe table box, a table for four, a fridge and stove and 6 foot counter top, dresser and hutch for extra supplies and has one cupboard for storage and clothes jackets, it’s all we need, we use communal washrooms, as it’s a seasonal place that host 55 cabins which we all own the land on, but we have a port a potti for evening needs, as no washroom is inside the mini cottage but it’s on a lake and has a beach to walk on and we have a great BBQ and fire chimney for night time relaxation. It’s all we need and want it’s a great escape from city living for us and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your lovely place as much as possible, memories are made while were not busy tending to large spaces.
    Best of luck, Rose

  • Dawn Erdwein says:

    This is perfect. I hope to own something similar in the mountains one day.

  • Anne says:

    This was built for a lakefront community, where pricing starts at $319,900.

    (According to their site… I could find no specific pricing or specs on the builder’s site either.)

    • Anne says:

      btw, they refer to them as ‘park models’ which would make these trailers (mobile homes) probably, not tiny stickbuilt houses. The builder appears to be a developer… Perhaps they could clarify…?

  • Randi says:

    Is there a way to get a floor plan? This house is amazing!

  • Bryan says:

    Like this one a lot!!

  • dewhit says:

    ” Rare Lake Whatcom waterfront cottages for sale
    Lots from $174,900 | Cottages + lot from $324,900 ”

    ” While the allure of Wildwood will last forever, the opportunity to own here will not. ”

    a marriage between a property developer and an architect with trailers and high price tags. please.

  • Laura says:

    We’re excited to play a part in creating Wildwood Resort on Lake Whatcom! We’ve updated our pricing for this San Juan base model on our website which just includes the unit itself and not all the additional amenities that Wildwood Resort includes in their website. (land, rec center, pool hot tub, tennis court, walking trails and more…) The floor plan is now also up on our website. Check it out at http://www.westcoast-homes.com/customparkmodels. Thank you for all your kind comments!

  • Milani says:

    This cottage has stolen my heart

  • Cheryl says:

    OMG!! But $300,000+….I have to win the lottery to afford this wonderful “cottage.”

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