dreamwood-humble-houses-1The DreamWood House by Humble Homes takes the concept of tiny houses and stretches it out a bit.

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420 square feet tiny house park model with modern designing in Germantown, Maryland. Built by Humble Houses. More info. here.


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  1. As tiny houses go, this is really not so “tiny,” but, oh my, this is gorgeous! I love the normal-size kitchen, the comfortable-looking living room, and most of all the bedroom that you don’t have to climb into. This is not your Grandma’s tiny house!

  2. Whatever happened to DIY micro homes??? This home looks great as it should being that it was designed and built by a commercial builder. I feel like this site in now promoting the commercialization of the TH/micro house movement. Way not to go.

    1. I love looking at the cleverly designed homes but agree that it is counterintuitive to the roots of the movement. How many people are buying these expensive homes as second residences or as holiday lets? It’s crazy that I can’t afford to live tiny.

  3. Love this one, but still disappointed to see that there is no seat in the shower…..sometimes people just want to sit down and have a rest/or even shave your legs? Overall, though, this is fabulous!

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