• Danni says:

    Love this!

  • SusanB says:

    Brilliant! Some big doggie door–that’s a small house for a dog that big! And only one pic of a corner of the sleeping loft! But love the use of space, the separation–and size–of the kitchen, and that there’s a freezer! And a washer and dryer, and even a hamper! Beautiful job, really nice craftsmanship.

  • Susan Richardson says:

    Moving to Asheville within the year! Please let me know how much this goes for in regards to price.
    Thank you

  • chava says:

    Beautiful design! [A tiny house doesn’t have to be funky]. Love the colors throughout; also I like the cabinet storage in the kitchen and under the kitchen floor. The stairs are great and the porch is perfect. It’s perfect.

  • Randi says:

    This is beautiful and so practical. Love it!

  • sandie melanson says:

    incredible space

  • Kristina H Nadreau says:

    some of the design decisions seem odd. too numerous to go into here. so these people did a nice job of building and will do a nice job for anyone needing a custom house built.

    • David Squibb says:

      Hey, I’m the owner of Tiny Wynette. I’m curious to hear your points about the design decisions if you’re interested in sharing. Those choices are the fun part of all this. Glad you appreciate the build quality. David

      • Erin says:

        Hey, David. I’m not the person who made the above comment, but I wanted to ask you something. If you are comfortable with sharing, do you mind me asking how much this tiny house cost? I’d also love to see some pics of it “lived in.” We’ve been contemplating a tiny house for quite some time and I love this design and floor plan. My email addy is buffaloerin@hotmail.com. Thank you! Erin

  • hunter says:

    I really really like this house. would like to see the lofts and i love the dog door, just perfect. love the kitchen cabinets and everything is well thought out…would like more “head room” for the washer but, that’s’ because I’m taller then most. but i think the kitchen is terrific. Great build. any price on this beauty???

  • Tammy says:

    This house has everything that I have been looking for. Love the dutch door, and the floor along with the gray. It’s calm and you can put everything away so it isn’t cluttered.

  • SuzeO says:

    I would like to see better pictures of how the lofts are accessed – it looks like you use some tall shelving for a ladder, which seems awkward (certainly at my age!). There is great storage, but I would like doors on most of the cubbies to hide the cluttered look once they’re filled. Absolutely LOVE the freezer, if that’s what it is. If living on a smaller budget is part of the reason you buy a tiny house, having a freezer is another money-saving device I couldn’t live without, especially if I have a small garden nearby.

  • Edil Gordon says:

    This is one of the first tiny houses I feel I would be comfortable living in, but as a retiree I would prefer the sleeping quarters downstairs;love the lighting,the amount of windows, and the kitchen layout, the compact bathroom and laundry would suit me well, must be very pricey as all the fittings look highend;well done fromBekah

  • Dorothy says:

    Very pretty. I love the muted gray but not so much the yellow toned wood with the red toned wood.
    I don’t understand how you get into the loft.

  • Lyla Lobo says:

    I have been researching for 8 months now trying to find the Tiny House best suited for my needs…. My search is over !!!! Tiny Wynette has it all !!!!

  • Pat says:

    How much did it cost you to build it.It is beautiful

  • Mary lynn says:

    Wow, very nice. Is it For Sale?

  • Raphael D Grinker says:

    I like it. Pleas revert with CIF Haifa or ashdod port in Israel and FOB price at any international US port inorder of shipping it to Israe. Also need the exect ditailed plan of it including the total wait (on the wheels) and the trailer ditails. Can you convert all electricity to 220v as in Israel?… Thank you

  • Robyne says:

    I do like this. BUT with all these Tiny dwellings, I would like a little more commentary/explanation on what has been done. In this one the dryer cabinet you basically have to kneel on the toilet to put in /take out clothes, and there is very little clearance into the washer. Also why such a large vanity basin, or is it just the angle of the picture

  • Renetta Corn says:

    I love that you went with grey inside instead of white. I’m tired white. Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you have to go with white. I love the stairs and the storage beneath. The only thing I could say I would do differently is the toilet. I would have went with an incinerating toilet. Other than that, it’s nearly perfect.

  • TL says:

    Very nice .. I love the use of space and Ample storage

  • Jill says:

    Beautiful little home. Looks like it provides all needs….

  • Carole says:

    Beautiful…and what an abundance of storage space!! Great workmanship and one of the more unique designs that I’ve seen.

  • DD says:

    Would love to know where I could find the gray metal plate that microwave is mounted to ?

  • DD says:

    In the tiny Whynette house

  • Paige says:

    First of all, I love that the entry is NOT via the kitchen (pet peeve of mine) and that this has the feel of a real home, even without furnishings. The storage options are not just plentiful but cleverly done, the kitchen cabinets are lovely, the sliding bathroom door is charming, and the whole feel of the house is comforting overall.

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