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96 square feet of house on wheels

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The entrance to the house is situated at the back of the trailer where you enter into a smaller family room with vaulted ceilings that is the perfect size for a small desk and a couch. Beyond the family room are a full kitchen and a bathroom consisting of a 36 inch shower and a toilet. Above you’ll find a spacious 7 foot sleeping loft. Large dormers run almost the entire length of the house which provides an open feel in both the family room and the loft.

A 96 square feet tiny house on wheels in Cummings, Georgia. Built by Tiny Home Builders. More info. here.


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  1. Great place to stow a guest or kid coming back from college, where you want to provide them with a bit of privacy.

    I had to laugh, however, at the phrase “Family Room”. LOL It holds a “desk and a couch”, you say? I don’t know the size of YOUR family but my 22+ immediate family could only fit in that Family Room if they were shrunk down to pygmy size. ūüėČ

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