Mallory’s Tiny House

A tiny house with an arched roof in Bend, Oregon.

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A tiny house on wheels in Bend, Oregon. More info. here.


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  1. Love this little house. Nice that it is one floor and there looks to be lots of storage under the bed. I think I would go for a much smaller porch, say only a foot or two (just enough room to get in out of the rain while using the key to get in) in that opening the double doors would act like a porch if one was needed and I think I would want just that much more room in the “living room”. And if there were flies or mosquitoes , say in the summer months, just have double screen doors and screens on all the windows. There has been a TV mount, for over the bed, advertised in “Tiny House Blog” I would opt for one of those too. It was the one that swings out so it can be watched while in bed. Then this little mobile would be just about complete, for me. I would like to sea picture of the tongue end too. I do like it that there are no windows on the front side. Not as much trouble with leaks. And one more thing, How is it roofed? It is hard to tell from the pictures.

    Thanks for submitting a great little build. One that isn’t so tall.

  2. This is lovely I need doors like that for my Wurlitzer Console Piano. Also would go off grid with an induction cooktop. Would like a tankless water heater for a combo washer dryer.

  3. I love this set up but was wondering how do you get on the bed? It’s still too high to just hop into.
    I think I would rather have the bed on ground level and the shelving on the back wall, there is no window there, and you can add many shelves. Of course then you would have to walk on the bed to get the stuff on the shelves but I don’t mind… LOL

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