• Echo says:

    i am sorry but that is just butt ugly….

  • Lynne Rich says:

    Looks like a lot of space. Is it for sale? Easy to decorate and make your own.

  • Gracie says:

    Echo, it’s obvious, this home is still in progress. They were very creative in their design, perhaps, not YOUR taste – but then, your taste is pretty irrelevant.

  • Martin says:

    Different from other – like it!

  • Elliot says:

    I’ll try to give more constructive criticism than the previous commenter!
    I think the steps would have been better to make them consistent. It looks odd changing from steps to a ladder.
    The upstairs doesn’t make good use of the space as even though you can stand up there, most of it wasted space with a high ceiling.
    The kitchen looks very cramped as well so I’m not a fan of this design. Sorry!

  • Bill says:

    Good grief it’s all there in the text just above the comments.
    “It was designed 100% by our clients Nick and Teri Frank. They designed the home to be completely off grid and by off grid I mean OFF grid.”
    “Nick and Teri are both avid outdoor people and have had this home to really be an extension of what and who they are about!”

    In tailoring terms it is bespoke! aka designed for them by them to fit the lifestyle they have.

  • Tiff says:

    Really? I think it’s a relatively good design. The combination of steps and a ladder make the ascension interesting, and I think at least partially easier for someone to get upstairs. The small landing also breaks up the space and makes the loft feel more accessible.

    Also, the three levels (one is a desk, I think) on the other side are great – you don’t lose headspace under a standing area, but rather over the desk, and it’s a huge, very useful-looking desk.

    Finally, the slanted roof takes advantage of all of the space while still looking awesome – in my opinion much better than the a-frame roof. It looks like there are many, many more inches of headspace in the sleeping loft.

    I think the photography is for the most part poor which is contributing to the comments about it being “butt ugly”.

  • Lisa E. says:

    The outside is well done and very promising but the interior seems unfinished and the floor plan feels a little random and chaotic. I would also say there seems to be a lot of wood that could have gone to a more efficient plan.

  • I think I’ll chime in just a bit here. When Nick and Teri originally came to me (a little less than a couple of ago) they were in the “contemplating” stage of building/purchasing a Tiny House. They had a few major life events, that they needed to wait and see how they would play out, the foremost being that Nick was a world class speed skater and had a legitimate shot to make the US Olympic team. As it turned out, Nick just missed making the team, so they re-visited me this year and decided to move forward. Teri has been fascinated by design since she was a young girl and shared some really cool stories about her level of interest in design over her years of growing up. So when they approached me early this spring they had some very specific and detailed ideas about what they wanted in a Tiny House and how they wanted the house to function for them based upon how they have chosen to live. Once Teri had described in detail what she and Nick wanted in a home she presented me and my team a set of detailed drawings, complete with notations, suggestions and questions. I love to be knee deep and involved in all aspects of the design process for our clientele, but on this one I wasn’t needed to put in a lot of my input and quite frankly it wasn’t really needed either. For me, this has been one of the most rewarding builds that we have completed as a company because we were able to work with two absolutely delightful young people who had an incredible handle on what was truly important to them and was reflected perfectly in their design. This home fits them like a glove and they deserve all the credit! Great folks and we are glad to have them as friends!

    Stew MacInnes
    CEO Maximus Extreme

  • cindy says:

    End of discussion!

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