The Dorian

Another tiny house built by Maximus Extreme


  • Tracy says:

    Wow out of all the travel style this is my favorite one sofar

  • jc santiago says:

    what are the plans for this house?? its perfect!

  • I’m completely sold on Tiny House concept and this model especially. However, I can’t get full understanding what to do for water supply , toilet, shower & sink waste….I live in Phila suburbs and anticipate enormous zoning objections….willing to work toward satisfaction but looking for comments from TH owners at this time.

  • Pricing please, and shipping to Lake Charles Louisiana 70601

  • Lisa E. says:

    Is this for sale?
    Is this someone’s personal TH?
    Are you selling floor plans only?
    If you are selling it what is the price?
    If you are selling floor plans only, what’s the cost?
    What did this cost to build?
    What materials did you use?
    What kind of a trailer was it built on?
    Who did the inside? (Stellar job)
    When was this built?
    I think that about covers it 🙂

  • Shay says:

    This is almost exactly what I’ve been wanting! It’s very hard to find these tiny homes with a door on the side of them instead of on the ends. I love the idea of the bed/couch on one end and the bathroom on the other. Much better than a loft 😀

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