The Beer Moth


A 60 year old truck repurposed as guest quarters in the countryside of Scotland.








  • Mannie says:

    Well, that wouldn’t be so great in bear country, but I don’t think there are too many bears in Scotland. Also, not so great for cold camping, and Scotland does get cold. But for what it is, it’s pretty cool.

  • Andrew says:

    I don’t think practicality comes into this. These old trucks have a top speed of, I believe, 50mp/h but prefer to cruise at around 45 max. A cute tent on wheels, but that’s about it.

  • alice h says:

    Nice truck but what about midges and other bug life? I would need a screen panel for sure. I’ve spent a Yukon winter living in a wall tent, this thing would be fine in Scotland as long as you kept the canvas snugged down and were around to put wood in the stove and didn’t expect it to be warm when you got back from an extended visit to the pub. I would love a kitchen stove like that one. It is a vacation rental after all, but no reason you couldn’t spend time living comfortably in something similar should that strike your fancy. You can also add an insulated cover of some sort for winter.

  • Griffin says:

    Great for Moab,UT!

    I think it’s fine for what it is,where it is,too!

    Who’s in a hurry with a rig like that?

    Horses are even slower traveling and not nearly as comfortable to camp ON.

    Once upon a time this would have been like a magic carpet ride-
    180 years ago or more.

    It still would be for my inner child!

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