Stardust Shepherds Hut

A shepherds hut in a scenic setting in Scotland.

A shepherds hut in Loch Ewe, Scotland. More info. here.


  • Lisa Collier says:

    this is the most quaint beautiful, precious, romantic lil place I have ever seen absolutely wonderful…… with water and luxury and a nice cuddly romantic spot…. <3

  • I just want to be in that kitchen preparing food and washing dishes as I gaze out of the window.

  • Cahow says:

    Two Part Comment on my part:

    1) I’m not quite sure WHY the living quarters of this nightly rental were broken up into two very distinct buildings: Cooking/Dining in the wee Shepherd’s Hut and Sleeping/Lounging in the other one. I saw no loo so hopefully that’s in ONE of the buildings! LOL Perhaps they had both buildings on site and neither lent themselves to a self-contained place? Yes, they are darling but if I were laying about in the lounge and fancied a cuppa Scottish Blend tea, I’d have to pick my kit up and wander ovre to the other building. Same goes in reverse: queueing up a film but wanting some popcorn so back yea go to the kitchen to make some kettle corn and then hiking back to the lounge to kick back. An incentive to lose weight? LOL Rents for $180/night.

    2) Those particulars out of the way, I am chuffed to bits with the increasingly well-outfitted tiny homes that Alex Pino and this site’s owners are displaying! I found earlier postings so utterly dreary and destitute: more akin to FEMA trailers hosting people who lost EVERYTHING in their lives from a catastrophe than a proper home. Cozy, charming but not too twee, BOTH homes are a delight to the weary traveler in the Highlands. You may not BE at the Artic Circle where this hut is located, but…you can SEE it from there! 😉

  • Michele says:

    Awesome!!!! But , where’s the loo ?

  • Aziza Zayn says:

    Que coisa mais linda e aconchegante, eu queria morar nesse lugar maravilhoso com essa Mini Casa espetacular!

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