Sleek Modern


This tiny house has a rooftop deck for lounging up and above the setting it happens to be in.










  • Rich says:

    airbnb right? Nice design; cost as shown? what kind of wood is used for the shower floor grate?

  • M. Plisco says:

    Loved the kitchen at one end of the house and the bath at the other end, and for Petes sake people stop putting the bathroom next to the kitchen. If it were mine I would have bit the bullet and extended the LR lose the loft and put in another few feet for a bedroom with a decent closet and bathroom.

    • Nerida says:

      Keeping them together is more economical on the plumbing costs also if water is an issue. That is if you are relying on your own collection and or carrying capacity you dont want long pipes filled with cold water that you have to waste to get to the hot water. Where I live, water is a very precious commodity and it erks me every drop that is wasted waiting for the shower to warm up while perfectly good, but cold, water goes down the drain or has to be caught in a bucket and stored for some other use. My days of lugging buckets are numbered.

      In such a small space it is not a matter of ‘oh it is going to take forever to get the bathroom in the middle of the night’ type issue. It just makes sense to put them together – to me anyway.

  • Cheryl says:

    Does this one come any longer or with two sleeping lofts?

    • gunguru01 says:

      I think its funny that people really think that you can escape the bathroom smells in a house thats only a 150sq ft!! If the bathroom was next to the livingroom people would complain aboot that too!! This is why its important to get a high CFM fart fan for the bathroom! And, it also helps to have a window too. If you use a simple composting toilet (like me) you can sprinkle baking soda on the MIX after bust it up………. it removes the odor faster than you would believe! Or, just light a match!!:-)

  • Kathy says:

    Ditto on the kitchen/bathroom separation, however more complex the plumbing might be initially. And a grnd floor bedroom for a few feet more, although towing this version is much easier, I’m sure. But very pleasant living space, and a full-size oven too. Very nice work!

  • Mike says:

    What an amazing sense of style. Every photo a treat. The TH lifestyle becomes more legitimate all the time. Tinyhousers take note!

  • Lisa E. says:

    What’s the footage? Inside and out?

  • Peggy Trivilino says:

    A functional kitchen–I’m in love!! 🙂

  • MiniHouseMuffy says:

    Love the kitchen. That coffee pot alone is $500!

  • Carrie adams says:

    Love the design and MODERN style. Is there. A loft at each end…the photo confused me . Love the roof top deck…that’s where I belong!

  • gunguru01 says:

    Go buy one today!! Style? More room? Designer sinks? Designer coffee pots? Was this one sponsored by Starbucks? Completely missing the point!:-)

    • gunguru01 says:

      Probably prices more like modern art than a liveable house!

    • Mary Lewis says:

      I think the point is for people that do actually have money to be able to still have all the luxuries they are used to, but being able to simplify their life. Don’t be a reverse snob… It’s not pretty on anybody! Some people just enjoy the finer things in life and if they have the money to do so then let them! It’s not your business what they do with their money and there are plenty of cheaper places you can buy a tiny house of you so desire.

  • Jacob Hemmerick says:

    What is the maker of the coffee pot shown in the photo?

  • Raquel says:

    I love the size! what is the square footage?

  • helenbeee says:

    Do you step up into the shower? or sit on the wooden grate? I love your designs but have to say I your photos dont explain layouts and designs very well. Its nice to have photos of pretty interior styling ideas but when it comes to selling the customer needs to see the nuts and bolts design layout etc. 🙂

  • Tina says:

    So you throw your clean laundry into the loft every week, climb up, crouch in the tiny space to hang it up, climb back down. When it’s time to get dressed, you climb up, retrieve the clothes, and climb back down where you have room to get dressed?

    And why not put your lawn furniture on the ground, where you could have an awning, and less of a liability risk of folks getting injured?

    Otherwise I really like this one.

  • Ryder says:

    That’s a lot for such a small space… wish we could have seen the table down…

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