SIP Tiny House


A tiny house made of SIPs in Nebraska.










A 180 square feet tiny house on wheels constructed using structural insulated panels (SIPs) in Norfolk, Nebraska. Designed by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. More info. here.


  • Love that it has a doggy door and real stairs!

  • emmett dwyer says:

    I would imagine that given the R value of the SIPs and the size of the woodstove that one would be sleeping with the loft window open during the winter in Nebraska.

  • Katie says:

    Makes me wonder why a good many tiny houses featured on the swoons are listed for sale. If tiny house living is so great, why sell?

  • Carrie says:

    Cute!!! Love the deck add-on too. But I hate to break it to the owner….not much use for that snowboard in Nebraska (I would think)! 🙂

  • This house is perfect. It has all the things I would want/need including stairs. The loft is amazing! Great set up!!! Did you use plans?

  • Absolutely stunning, If I weren’t so old I would want this to live in forever,

  • I love it!! I am so ready to habe one and live the simple life!! I like that wine rack in the kitchen! And I like that it has a full size stove, and a woodstove!!! I love it! The stairs to the loft are awesome, maybe some storage space under the steps?? Overall, awesome!!!

  • Susan says:

    While I’m am awed by all tiny houses, I fear for those putting gas burners in front of an operable window. Horrible fire hazard. And bathroom off the kitchen can spread unwanted health issues….. But cute cottage.

    • SC says:

      While i prefer other layouts than the kitchen an bathroom squeezed side by side with the bathroom opening up into the kitchen. (I read years ago that bathrooms that open up into the kitchen is bad fung shi (?) because the kitchen represents wealth. I am not at all Chinese, but I have always remember that.
      At least this one has a facebowl in the bathroom, so I dont think sanitation will be a problem.
      But this is a really nice house. A classic layout.

  • Judy says:

    We had a truck camper for years that had an even smaller situation than this, with a bathroom and all that this has ,all movable homes have this and it is safe and sanitary.

  • Jean Taylor says:

    The Tiny House has lots of good ideas but I think you could get some great ideas for Tiny moveable Houses by visiting some boats to see how to build in storage. On boats there are tiny but very functional lockers (closets), all the shelves and cupboards have a lip and or doors to keep things from falling. Not having to pack up things that might fall during a move is also a time and space saver. Built in book shelves can be constructed in tiny nooks in lots of places. Your Tiny House looks like lots of fun!

  • Frank Marion says:

    Yes peasants,get ready for your new micro-digs!

  • Look, another creative effort hits the blogosphere! People eye each others efforts closely to glean ideas, and they build a tiny house often to adventure. I think it’s a great way to spend time, maybe a whole order of magnitude better than Getting and Spending, as we are advised to do as good consumers. I’ve built a dozen or more SIPs houses beginning in the 80s and the method fits so well to a low consumption footprint that I say, if it’s tiny, it should be sips. What is so great about the tiny movement is the creative flow that is being generated. Let’s say you build an original tiny, your first, but before long you want to try other ideas or a new design. So you offer your baby up for adoption (sale). Exactly because you have freed up your life now you have a chance to share your insights with others. Build one, you change from novice to practitioner, one who can lead and encourage others into the greater freedom brought by simple living. The trick should be to do it as well as possible and then improve. Be helpful. Don’t be greedy. Smile on your neighbor and lend a hand. Not to steal from a bluegrass song.

  • lstarr says:

    Great idea: small, only what you need for space and storage, home. This would be perfect for retirement. As a sunbird one could afford to have two of them in two places or have one as a second home in a better climate for summer or winter. The storage/space saving ideas are great for any home, such as the storage under the stairs and built-in banquettes for seating, dining and sleeping guests. The kitchen island with the built-in washer/dryer under the counter was genius. They look comfortable and efficient without feeling cramped. Great use of space, also cost effective.

  • Adeayo says:

    …that is a composting toilet right? the number 1 thing thats in the way of my taking the plunge. Why don’t i don’t see incinerating toilets in tiny houses?

  • Ellen says:

    Love the stairs to the loft. That is a 20 footer yes? I am thinking 24 would be better. Bathroom too tiny. Needs a bigger shower. Where do you put your clothes? Tiny houses tend to lack closet space, I mean a person, namely myself NEEDS to hang up clothes! Otherwise beautiful. Thanks for posting!

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