Silver Creek Tiny House

silver-creek-tiny-house-1This tiny house in Arizona is mobile in that it was built on skids.







  • Shawn Romarine says:

    Dear Steven,
    I loved it .
    you are so clever with the tin tubs!!! I simply am NOT that creative. I love the look in that bathroom.
    the bedroom is sweet . Then there is the open space in the kitchen with a real gas or propane stove! I wish it were in my price range , but
    well, things are the way they are . You are great at making a Tiny Home beautiful. Thank you, shawn

  • 9418 says:

    Would like to see one that is “lived in”. Seems like a lot of tiny houses are now just props for someone’s business.

  • Kathy says:

    Seeing the lived-in ones IS more satisfying, but as THs go, I like this one very much! Downstairs bedroom has a lot to do with that, plus a workable kitchen with an oven. The canning-jar chic, horse troughs, like how cleverly they’re used. I WOULD like an end to fish-eye and xtreme-wide-angle shots, please. Mental floor-planning is a lot easier with just plain honest shots.

  • gmh says:

    I think that having the kitchen on one end makes the floor plan more open- this one is how I would do my TH. Not sure about the two doors- that seems to eat up wall space too much.
    I like the rustic look, but I prefer a porcelain farm sink to the metal tub. Easier to keep clean with no seams for germs to hide and grow.
    Love the downstairs bedroom!
    Totally agree about the wide angle lens- just take regular pics, please!

  • gunguru01 says:

    I really like the style this person incorporated into the interior. The jar lights, the whitewashed walls, the corrugated metal………. it works well in the space and was well done. I hate seeing the same old designs and this one definitely breaks from the norm!

  • Karen says:

    Not too keen on the open shelving in the kitchen or the sink and faucet. Faucet is way too small and the cabinet over the stove would seem to be a fire hazard! Anyway I wouldn’t want the steam or issues from the stove affecting the cabinet or the walls on the left…Anyway I wouldn’t want the steam or issues from the stove affecting the cabinet or the wall on the left… Personally I prefer a galley kitchen or one in the center where I could have more of the wraparound cabinet effect with island/stools

  • sue says:

    HI, would really like o see a front door shot or a tiny map please
    This is beautiful!

  • Sharene says:

    I d like the kitchen area, however, I would need more cabinets for pots/pans and also a cabinet for food. Refrigerator isn’t too bad. May need a bigger freezer? But I do like it. I would like a “taller” loft. I THINK I heard it called a “double shed” ? has windows all around and easier to get into bed, make the bed too. And putting the mattress down into the floor would give much more head room.

  • Charlotte says:

    I don’t understand why media photos never show the closets. I have clothes that hang up (not a lot, but enough) that I would need some kind of closet. Even the old RV I currently live in has 3 hanging closets.

  • Venae Warner says:

    Does being built on skids mean that it doesn’t need to comply with building regulations, permits etc.?

  • Peter says:

    it’s obviously built for sale. whole interior is staged for fotos, meanwhile the whole structure appears to be within 4 feet of the shoulder of the road. not a final resting place.

    interesting that it has front and back doors. you never see that on a tiny house.

  • Lynda says:

    It’s lovely and charming. Love the rustic touches. It’s perfect.

  • John Driggers says:

    Stove tucked into corner of two wooden walls? Not designed for cooking ig the posts have any handles and certainly not designed for safety.

  • John Driggers says:

    ig the posts = if the pots

  • christine says:

    What are the dimensions? Love it!

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