Edge Tiny House


This owner-built tiny house in Flagstaff, Arizona makes use of sustainably-sourced materials.










  • Skooj says:

    “Can you believe I built it myself?”

    Yes… Yes we can.

    • Ardith says:

      @SKOOJ, love your cheeky response and I must admit, I concur. This is pretty rough. Having said that, I doubt I could build one myself.

      • Travis says:

        @Ardith, Do you own the land on which your house is built or do you just rent it? The reason I ask is because I reside in the Phoenix metropolitan area and am considering places to put my home. I’d be interested in any pointers you could offer. Thanks.

  • Travis says:

    You should be proud of it! 🙂

    • gunguru01 says:

      I agree 100%!! I personally would rather see tiny houses built by the owners than cookie cutter houses built by companies with no realistic budget. The fact that this person tried and succeeded in building a tiny house is better than the majority of the haters sitting on their couch dreaming instead of doing!! Nothing beats the satisfaction that comes with finishing a project on your own……………… not buying a project that a company builds for you……. . . . . . .for money! And, lots of it by the looks of some of these houses. Great job, and lots of luck enjoying your hand built tiny home!! Thats coming from one builder to another!!:-)

  • c monkey says:

    …I don’t understand the shelf, smack dab in the middle of the window.

  • L. Marsh says:

    Refreshingly rustic and totally functional! Uses upcycling to an art!

  • E Lewis says:

    I love the porch being built up and the skirting around it too. And I like rustic and concur with those who like this house as it as actually built by the owner and not another look alike tiny house. I couldn’t do it that is for sure but admire those who are able to make their own. Very nice!

  • Kristina H Nadreau says:

    The owner/ builder is happy with their work and choices. I would not like this. I appreciate excellent craftsmanship and I am not capable of executing excellent craftsmanship. So I must pay to get what I want. It is OK for this owner builder to enjoy herhome just as it is OK for me to have mine.

  • R.Bailey says:

    Can we just admire the fact that this person built their tiny home themself? Obviously this person is proud of their accomplishment and doesn’t deserve the criticism. Pat on the back to whom ever built this tiny house, I think it is definitely something to be proud of for completing on your own.

  • M. Plisco says:

    Knowing what I know now, I tend to root for the owner/builder, good for you, don’t listen to the taunts of haters just trying to ruffle your feathers. Most people that have half the tenacity and 10% of the talent you have are the usual nit pickers that probably don’t even know which end of a nail gun is the side the nail comes out of, little on how to use one!
    That being said, if I were half my age I would have loved to have built a tiny house for myself. Trouble is this idea for smaller dwellings came along in the last few years after several of Mother Natures little tantrums caused widespread damaging winds and floods of nearly Biblical proportions so it made sense to downsize living arrangements.
    Have fun in your new space and don’t let bullying stop you from enjoying it, Kudos kiddo!

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