Playful Tiny House


This tiny house in Ontario has a roughly-finished interior but with some cool and unique features.

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  1. Whaou ! A very modern design. I love the walls climbing, the net (a really good idea), the desk… Congratulations from France.

  2. It’s got some nice design, and at least you don’t HAVE to rock-climb your way to bed. And we don’t have to say, “Oh look, it’s a…Fencl. Wow, a Fencl. 🙂

    1. Amen Kathy. I’m sure I’d be proud and excited that I built a tumbleweed, but unless I did something extraordinary, why would I post it here?

  3. i truly appreciate this TH. theres some really nice ideas here, that just weren’t executed in the most tasteful fashion.. or aesthetically considered… but truly nice ideas and original design.. just needs a bit more elegance and finishing on the inside… and take down that rock climbing crap. its an eyesore.

  4. I REALLY like this place because it is so unpretentious, personal and creative. Will assume the kid loves it too! 🙂

  5. Gosh, people can be rude. There are a lot of really good ideas here. I love the black/natural contrasts and that lime green accent outside is beautiful. Interesting roll-around cart under the stairs.

  6. I love this house, except for the exposed OSB and the cabinets. (I’m a carpenter’s son, and some things I just can’t get on board with.). This is a great use of space, and is obviously for an outdoorsy type with the climbing wall and mesh. I can totally see napping in that oversized hammock.

  7. Hi. I like it!! I’ve seen hundreds of tiny houses it seems by now and so many are all the same. I like how personal this one is and how you’ve done really different stuff with it and been thoughtful about every inch of space. Inside needs a bit refining if it were mine. I love the modern touch though. Outside it super cool!!

    1. Lisa, I believe the part under the stairs with the castors is a storage unit, roll it out from under the stairs and inside is more storage space.

  8. Very refreshing to see some original design ideas – ignore the naysayers who often are under the misguided impression that they drew up the design brief. It’s a lot easier to man the wrecking ball than be the architect

  9. One of the most interesting and original designs I have seen in a tiny home. I really like it. The interior is rough for sure and if this was my house I would definitely work on that. A+ for originality though, kudos to the creators.

  10. Straight forward, no frills, back to basics… while obviously not everyone’s cup of tea, this little home is individual and makes no pretence at being anything other than a personal take on how the builders see the essential simplicity of a tiny home… very well done, folks. Why shouldn’t your home be individually personalised?

  11. Hi, I am the designer/builder of this tiny home. I’m not exactly sure how my house ended up on this blog (wasn’t my doing), but it was interesting reading through all of the comments, for sure! Even the negative ones, since everyone is entitled to an opinion, and especially since I didn’t design it to please everyone. DRA hit the nail on the head with the comment above. It’s exactly that. Just me seeking simplicity through design, and the raw, cohesive aesthetic is exactly how i envisioned it.

    Thank you to anyone who commented. I spent a lot of time on the design, and it’s so cool to see people having a reaction to the finished product. It seems like people either hate or really love this home, but honestly, I take any reaction as a positive reaction. I feel like if you are not pushing the limits of design, then why even design anything? You’re pretty much just wasting you’re time.

  12. Love this tiny house. The exterior is beautiful. Finally something different and original. The finishing on the interior is a bit rough but overall an awesome design.

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