Off Grid Jenny

My pal Jenny left Seattle for her undeveloped property in Eastern Washington. She spent a few months developing rain catchment systems and getting the chickens going but with winter approaching and a dearth of insulation and supplies, she decided to close it all up and spend the winter somewhere warm and safe. As you can see, the accommodations are very harsh with no water or electricity. The coyotes take over the property at night. After visiting and hearing her stories of how she gets by, I am reminded, yet again, that Jenny is a baddass.

Photos by Shango Los.

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  • Robert says:

    Makes my Tiny 136sqft trailer mounted Bungalow seem 10 degrees warmer just thinking of a chilly day over East of the mountains.
    She needs a rocket thermal mass stove and some insulation. Quickly !
    Snow is on its way.

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