Container Home

Family home built from a shipping container.

Small family home made from a shipping container in Fords Prarie, Texas. Photos by Wendy Bowman.


  • Wendy says:

    Hi Steven!

    Thanks for the blogpost! This is still a work in progress and I was so excited to see you liked what we have accomplished so far. In the coming weeks we will be building a 16 foot “bridge” across the entire backside near the wind turbine. We are planning to used simple wood decking for the floor, insulating the entire section, and then using reclaimed brick for the walls on the two ends, finishing it off with an insulated metal roof. Finally, another 40 foot container will be added to the other side of the “bridge”. The bridge will be a large open 16 x 40 foot area for the living space. The second container will be master bedroom and a guest bedroom. Currently, we all just bunk on futons and air mattresses in the 320 SF space. It is fun, but absolutely no privacy so we haven’t been able to share with too many friends and family yet.

    I love your site, and I have seen it many times before while researching our shipping container dream home. Thanks again!

    ~ Wendy

  • Dale says:

    Awesome! I love the wind turbine.

  • will says:

    I love this, my wive and i want to build something similar on some family land in the austrian country side. did you have to crane in the container onto the posts?

    • Dale says:

      Hi Will:

      Thank you for noticing our container house. No, we did not need a crane. We run a small deisel repair shop in Houston, so we have friends with big trucks…lol It still wasn’t free, though. The total cost to move it out on a large tractor trailer was $500. He “dumped” it under the tree and we spent two more days leveling it onto several beams with our other friend who owns a tow truck that hauls 18 wheeler rigs. We will be covering the bottom with cedar planks installed horizontally for a modern look. Good luck and have fun. We love it!


  • jose says:

    Love it. This actually is about 7×39 inside after insulation on one side at about 273 feet. Really cool. Ive been thinking about this for ten years. Thank god somebody is doing it.

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