Northwest Territories Tiny House

Tiny house in the Northwest Territories, Canada.

Sadly I can not live here full time. It is my summer cottage/camper. Where I live it is -40 often in the winter. Three inch walls would not cut it. It was built for me by a true craftsman and his wife. Every piece of moulding was routed by them. When you are in there it becomes very peaceful. It is 8.5 foot by 16 foot.

Tiny house in Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada. Shared and owned by Sandra Lester.


  • deborah says:

    Love it! With that large stove I think someone loves to bake!! WOW! You surely do get the snow up there! Living in coastal AL, USA, I forget what snow is!

  • Lisa Tallchief says:

    I know it is a stretch, but I really am tired of the loft bedroom routine. I would like to see more tiny houses that incorporate a bedroom w/o having to climb up and down a ladder all the time. That is not necessarily the best arrangement for older adults.

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