Noah’s Cabin


Noah has a history of building small structures. Here’s a remote cabin he recently built in Wyoming.







Here’s a couple pics of the house I just finished.

A simple cabin Dubois, Wyoming. Built by Noah Hedges.


  • sc says:

    The exterior is gorgeous. The inside is disappointing.

    • Leender says:

      I think it says he’s not finished with the interior yet.

    • FCL says:

      @SC……bite your tongue your bitterness is showing.

    • carrie says:


      • Noah says:

        You’re right, the interior isn’t quite “finished”. Winter was coming quick so we concentrated on the exterior- and getting our firewood supply stocked! Interior was planned to double as a shop building/living quarters (1 bedroom, 1 full bath) and features a stained concrete floor, passive solar design, woodstove for heat, mobile kitchen island, granite and tile countertops, kitchen sink by IKEA, bathroom sink by Duravit, range is a 1940’s model by Roper. Off-grid systems include: propane range and on-demand water heater, 2.5kW solar power, 1300gal buried cistern for water, full permitted septic system.

  • Liz says:

    I like the interior layout. It’s a simple, beautiful cabin. Well done. Are there any step-by-step plans for this one, I’d love to build this. Thanks.

  • yolanda mc says:

    awesome start. I would live in it. 🙂

  • Mike says:

    Excellent job Noah. Really nicely implemented details and beautiful overall. This is a place that people will love and value for as long as it stands, and you deserve a lot of respect and admiration for that. Scatter some big stones and short needle pines around the outside to anchor the building to the landscape. Maybe a fire ring.

    And if you tell me you’ve put radiant heat in the floor, I’m coming to visit…

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Noah says:

      Thanks for all the great comments!
      This building is positioned do that sun comes in front French door in morning hours and back sliding glass door in afternoon- this warms the concrete and logs during the day which retain warmth due to thermal mass.
      We’ll get some updated photos ASAP!

  • Linda Long says:

    I love your cabin!! Also, I love how you used beautiful finished wooden divider to separate kitchen out from other space. This is like a city loft , very imaginative use of space. Thanks for posting pics and congrats.

  • 9418 says:

    I like it very much.

  • Lisa Tallchief says:

    Is there enough insulation to be able to stay in it all winter. I have noticed that a lot of the tiny houses are lacking insulation features. That is a must in colder climates like WY and CO

  • Kristina H Nadreau says:

    interior seems very well laid out. When complete I would love to see it. Exterior is very attractive.

  • FCL says:

    It’s beautiful, creative, and very livable. Please share more when it’s complete!

  • Ian Kirk says:

    Minus a traditional ceiling to cover the insulation, the interior looks complete, especially for the cabin motif. If I were to see the logs on the outside, but not the inside, I would be disappointed. I really like it.

  • Kristina H Nadreau says:

    seems good for the state of the build. It could be gorgeous and functional. I like my cooking range to be vented. I believe this would be especially important in a small space with open concept. Especially in an area with harsh winters where the windows can not be opened for circulation and exhaust for months each winter.

  • Sweet. Swooning. We have 20 acres and have considered a stand alone chapel/guest house. Love that the inside “fits” the outside.

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