Keva Tiny House


Rebecca just finished her tiny house in British Columbia and wanted to share it with us.

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  1. Hi Rebecca, and Kiva!

    I LOVE what you have put together. This is an absolute dream of mine! I’m starting to figure out logistics and would love to have someone to bounce ideas off. I’m also very keen on Salt Spring Island and will be visiting a family friend over there in December, while also looking at some land.

    Kudos to you and your beautiful home!
    Port Moody

  2. VERY nice. The nicest house I’ve seen on this site in years. I’d love more detail on how it was built and what permits you had to get to plant it. Thank you, this was a breath of fresh air.

  3. What a lovley home. It has a wonderful feel about it. Good luck with the outhouse in the middle of winter though. 🙂

    Good for you. I hope you make many happy memories here.

  4. This is VERY nice. One of the best tiny houses I’ve seen. It has several features I’d like to implement in my house (wooden counters, etc.)

  5. A lovely tiny house, beautifully finished with good closet/storage space. I would want at least a portapotty
    inside for night use.

  6. love your house. It looks totally cozy and charming . Wondering what you do with your black water and how are you heating it? Looks like you’re living the dream. way to go ):

  7. Perfection!! The space is well used with lots of storage. The counter top is gorgeous as is all of the woodwork. You can stand in the loft which is unusual and great. Inside and outside are wonderful!!

  8. It does get cold in BC. I am afraid your behind would stick to the potty seat when the temp drops below zero. I would reconsider the bathroom aspect 🙂

  9. This is a beautiful design and I really dont mind the outside loo either it just makes a lot of sense to me. They had outdoor toilets for a long time and I think it was for good reason. I really like your home. 🙂

  10. This is the best built tinyhome I’ve seen! First class wood work, great design, lived in, and great use of space! I live in a house a tiny little bigger than this and it is hard to make full use of the space without making the interior feel crowded or cramped but, this one is extraordinary! I am very jealous of this woodwork! Hats off on this one!

  11. very nice appearance. I do not care for outhouses, especially in places with real winters. With larger water cachement tanks could it be possible to have a septic tank and then a flush toilet. The way the stock tank is used as a shower pan seems like a good idea. In the past I had trouble in a tub/ shower with shower curtains required 360 degrees around. The curtain would flap in and stick to my body with the curtain ends inside the tub. If the curtain was outside the tub, water went on the floor and made a mess. It is obvious that you are creative and have an eye for beauty and function. As time passes, I think you will modify some aspects of your house to suit your needs. I never moved into a house I did not modify to suit me, over time. Thank you for sharing your new home with us.

  12. Very nice overall but sorry—NO to potty trips in the open in the middle of the night in the woods… or even in the daytime for that matter.

    1. Hi Dorothy, I hear you.. going outside to use the bathroom would be less then ideal for a lot of folks. However, this house was designed and created with the intention of connecting with the Mother nature. One of my favourite things about living in the house is that I am outside first thing upon waking to pee and last thing before I go to bed while I brush my teeth. It forces you to take a few moments to remove yourself from whatever project/screen you are looking at and feel the beautiful of the environment. A separate bath house would also be an option 🙂

  13. The house, overall, is beautiful–thanks, in large part, to the lovely custom woodworking. However, I’d need a real stove and range-top and a decent refrigerator for long-term living and the out-shelter (it can hardly be called an “outhouse”) is an absolute non-starter, for considerations of both privacy and protection from weather.

  14. Simply incredible. Thank you for sharing your home with us. You can see the amount of love and attention that went into it. I’m sure it’s a great fit for you, and I could see myself being very happy there.

  15. My favourite tiny house yet! I live in a tiny house and on a property with someone who owns a business building them…and this is hands down the most beautifully crafted and efficient design I have seen yet. I love the clean and beautiful wood work. The live edge counters are a dream!! I’m in kitchen building stage and Im borrowing huge inspiration from your counters. As for the outhouse- I have the same thing, and its fine! I find it just makes me feel even closer to nature. Another break in the illusion of separateness. Different strokes for different folks I suppose. Thanks so much for the share!!
    ps- If you ever want to trade- Im in! 😉

  16. Thank you so much for sharing, you have so many good ideas that I’m going to use
    Some in the cabin I’m building, the Feel of your place is just amazing.
    My favorite tiny home so far!

  17. Wonderful, except for the bathroom (I’m a long-reads-in-the-bath person), and the toilet (no wondering through the woods at night . . . I’m too old for that)
    Love the rest of the house, though!

  18. I like the house, but would have to seriously modify it to include an indoor bathroom. I grew up with an outhouse when I was a child, and I hated it so much, my mother let me use the potty/training chair my little brothers were using. When Dad finally built an addition onto our tiny house (decades before such a “movement” ever came about) that included a real bathroom, Mom and I both cheered! That this one is entirely exposed to view–no way, not even if I had to drive 20 miles to the nearest restroom or bathroom!

  19. LOL on the comments about the outhouse. You obviously have never been to Salt Spring Island. It’s quite common on the islands there, as many of these homes are not year-round, and there’s not a lot of zoning laws to bother with. There is no black water, as someone asked about, and there’s usually plenty of privacy provided by all the foliage. I don’t think we’re talking about a lot of people being here. My loo isn’t enclosed either, because I live alone, and no one, especially all you delicate flowers, aren’t invited. A friend of mine told me to tell everyone that if they did #2, that they had to ‘carry it out.’ lol I haven’t had that kind of visitor yet, but I’m considering it, especially if they have so many complaints.

  20. I just recently looked at vacation rentals on salt spring island. It’s a very pretty rustic place. Your little home fits in well with it’s surroundings. Congrats.

  21. This is my favorite Tiny yet. The use of space, the materials and decor….all of it is just fabulous. What a wonderful place! Thanks for sharing it.

  22. What an Outhouse, WELL PLAYED!

    Regarding “Had me up until the outhouse…”, I would consider their outhouse to be a THRONE ! Words can not describe the joys of pooping in a quite spot outdoors. Leaving the outhouse open to air, light and yes bugs make for a wonderful experience. Bonus points are awarded for doing this outhouse up right. A minimal design that is open yet private and just dry enough to keep you happy in the rain.

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