Natural Selection

A trawler liveaboard in British Columbia.


  • Just love your place on the water! The makeover is gorgeous. What an adventurous life you have chosen! Makes us all envious 🙂 Love the area you live in, too. I lived there long ago and it is perfect for cruising around. Only thing I would add would be some beautiful planters on your deck that would hold some greens for salads and juicing! Beautiful job!

    • Jeanette says:

      Hi Lynne,
      Yes, planters would be great! The only problem is that when we go to the states we can not bring plants with us. And the San Juan Islands are one of our favorite places to visit. We traveled for six weeks in Puget Sound this summer. We live in such a great cruising area!

  • Pat Murphy says:

    Love this! It is so simple and beautiful. I am feeling a real need to declutter my living space, but I wonder if I could pare down this much. It seems that it would be freeing. Enjoy!

    • Jeanette says:

      Thanks everyone! You would not believe how much stuff we still have on this boat! We constantly need to pare down! Sydney, our pug lives very happily aboard Natural Selection. She is happy wherever we are as long as she is with us. She is the type of dog that doesn’t need to go out constantly, which works well with this
      Ice style. When we are anchored out, we use the dinghy or canoe to get to shore. They say there are two types of boaters. The type with dogs and the type without. The type with dogs see and explore land a lot more! It forces us to get out there, even if we at not really feeling it!

  • You have a beautiful home.

  • sue says:

    Beautiful boat and home! Just curious…how does it work with a dog on a boat? Do you take him to shore?

  • Love your boat….beautiful! Love your dog…every bed needs at least one puppy on it :).

  • Jeannette, Barry & Sydney have a warm, inviting home that has so many personal touches … and I’m not just saying that because we are neighbours and friends!

  • Kelle Arvay says:

    You are living the life that my parents lived! I grew up living on a 42′ Trawler in Puget Sound and Canada. We were actually moored for quite some time in Victoria Harbor in the mid 70’s. We also were moored in Tacoma for awhile as well. In between though we traveled throughout the San Juan islands. I remember one time going through the straits of juan de fuca during a horrendous storm. Talk about scary. Of course I was a child then and my parents seemed quite calm about the whole thing. Anyway, we made it through and found a safe haven for the night. Enjoy the lifestyle you have! Living on a boat were some of the best memories of my entire life. There simply isn’t anything like it and the people you meet are wonderful.

  • Kelle Arvay says:

    P.S. As I read your story another thing we have in common struck me and that is we also have Pugs.

  • bobby tan says:

    Hi Jeanette

    (Hope i got ur name right)

    Congratulations for chosing ur lifestyle….

    I am retiring to Philliplpines …and I hope to own a boat like yours so I can viist as many of the 7107 islands of Philippines…

    Again congratulations!

    Bobby Tan

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