Mississippi Gooseneck


This cedar lap siding tiny house has some nice woodwork and was mounted to a 5th wheel trailer that allows for a bedroom in the front.

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  1. That bedroom is A M A Z I N G – the design gives me soooo many ideas!! And the light coming in from the front of the tiny is great. Is that table hickory?! I even got a kick out of the birch-bark design shower curtain peeking from the bath. Not everyone will like all the different wood grain going on but I live in the woods in Appalachia and wood grain is absolutely a favorite out this way. And I personally think the distressed green cabinetry is gorgeous. I am bookmarking this for the future.

  2. No oven? No air conditioning? No heat? Hardly any counter top space. Does only 1 get to eat at the table? Where is the chair for the table? I could stay in this for a day or two tops, but that’s it. This is a heavy, not designed well, 5th wheel that would be used only for a day or weekend va-ca and for only 1 or 2 persons. For myself, I care more about what’s there and what’s not there over the color of wood used.

  3. Unfortunately, all I see is the inside of a shed. I can’t think of anything else when I look at it. I’m sure ya’ll love it but I do think it is beautiful outside.

  4. I like the distressed cabinetry – but that is a personal taste option. Again – I see a serious lack of storage. I would gladly shift the kitchen down and add a closet. Yes, it takes out some of the windows – but I would give up a couple of windows for a closet. However, I love the roman shades!! Just wish they had some color

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