Custom Loft


This tiny house is all about high-end finishes, open layout and comfy sleeping one more than just one side of the house.









  • Susan McNamara says:

    I love this one!

  • Janet says:

    So pretty, but it would be interesting to see what this one looks like once it’s furnished. It feels ‘appliance heavy. It’s stylish, and the hardware is fabulous – but is there room left for real life? Storage, seating, coat hooks, shelving. I want to believe it would still be lovely…

  • Barb Duder says:

    Lovely – but I agree with Janet – it seems to be very appliance heavy! I would also love to see it furnished to get an idea what kind of “real living” can happen in this space. Living tiny I would rather have a closet than a dishwasher and a washer/dryer combo with storage space above.

    At the same time – would love to see it finished out – because I also think it is lovely.

  • laceystew says:

    I agree with both Janet and Barb. Lovely home, would like to see it furnished.

  • PJ Anderson says:

    Is this for sale?

  • Robin says:

    I love this tiny home. My favorite kind of steps, windows in the lofts, lovely: ceiling fan, windows and doors.

  • B says:

    Clicking the link and it doesn’t work. Would love more info and price if it’s for sale! Or at least who built it 🙂

  • Melissa says:

    How much is this for sale?

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