Little Foot Tiny House


Little Foot Tiny Homes’ 1st tiny house build in Idaho.








  • sharon armstrong says:

    How much

  • meredith blaney says:

    beautiful; love it !

  • Jack Pietrzak says:

    How much are you asking?

  • alice h says:

    I really like the metal on the bottom half of the siding, looks very practical. The interior is beautifully finished but I think the kitchen sink is a bit oversized. You can make do nicely with a very small sink and a larger basin or washtub that can be toted around and used for a variety of purposes. It’s nice to see such a comfy lounging area that doesn’t look like an undersized afterthought.

  • SC says:

    Why would you post and out of focus picture a site to showcase your work? I cant understand that.
    I have read at least a couple of times that you shouldn’t put a operable window in front of a stove. Unless you have a downdraft vents in your stove system and high tempered glass. Or the house wont be exposed to winter cold . I hope the buyer wont cook with anything involving grease either, you will have be cleaning that off the window as well. I know I sound like a broken record, but it may be a matter of safety. People need to start installing range hood or vent fans and easy to clean backsplash like they are supposed to, even in tiny houses. Ranting aside. lots of nice styling- bathroom, kitchen, living room are laid out really well.
    The loft is the most appealing part for me. It seems higher than most lofts, but the first floor doesnt look shorter. How? Any way, nice job.

  • gmh says:

    An actual couch!!! Yay! I like a lot of this- the loft seems big, the living room has room for more than one person to sit comfortably, and the fridge/freezer is just the right size for me.
    Also like the siding. Wouldn’t mind all metal with wood trim around the windows.

  • Devan says:

    Very beautiful and cozy home!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • jonnie says:

    the kitchen makes it look cozy. live the bathroom sinkā™”

  • Beautiful and keep up the good work. Also, work with/pressure local financial institutions to offer loans to people. To date, this is the missing link in Tiney Home ownership.

  • Cilla says:

    You can look for tiny home loans through now. Nicely built. Also like the more living room looking area. And the really stove. I need an oven! Beautiful.

  • SWVAUGHN says:

    Really very nice!
    I’m impressed and inspired.
    Personally, I love the and want a full size sink, not only because I can’t stand teeny tiny sinks and the mess they make, but because the sink itself can be a form of storage for thawing foods, draining dishes or produce, or just keeping things off the counter short term to increase prep space. A cover can also be made, restoring any counter space “lost” to a larger sink. I also like your appliances, especially the range-nice choice.
    A dandy abode! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more from you.

  • PS Young says:

    Well thought out design with beautiful workmanship. Love the blonde wood with the dark floors. Keep up the good work.

  • Jeremy Green says:

    I really like this little house it doesn’t show how much it is or how to get it.

  • Charie says:

    I love this one but would need a bedroom down stairs or steps for my pet.

  • Linda says:

    quite beautiful….With there being a pitched roof all the way across I would have tried to accommodate for more Upstairs areas for sleeping…… Love the Kitchen!!! and the Bathroom….Nice Commode……despise those “composting…organic” monstrosities !!! Very good job …. nice outside too!

  • Duke says:

    Easily my favorite so far. I love this. The loft is extremely spacious yet the first floor looks full sized. Nice job and thanks for sharing

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