Modern and tiny, cube style.

A 192 square feet tiny house in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Photos by Jon Benjamin Photography. More info. here.


  • Evan Jensen says:

    These concept homes are always so darn cute, but the builders/designers never ever provide a base cost. Which would be ballpark, and variable, but most of us readers really prefer to have an idea of the cost of these designs. The designers have to have an idea of cost since most of them are architects/builders. It’s frustrating!

  • Its Lovely—I am also having one build in Portugal…

  • Cahow says:

    I’ve seen photos of this house, before, on Alex’s site. And…I still find it “Move In Ready”, if I were single. I’m keen on every single aspect of this gem, from the exterior to the interior.

    Now, let’s here from all the Tiny House Lover’s who are going to “Thumb’s Down” this house because it’s “Too Modern.” LOL

    Hey, not EVERYONE attracted to Tiny Homes wants to live in a Little House on the Prairie-Redo.

  • Paul says:

    Stunning hi-tech design and use of space.

  • Donna says:

    Just because it’s modern doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous too. I love it just because it is so modern.

  • Mary J says:

    always love looking at this little house, modern box 🙂 especially good to see the kitchen, don’t think that picture has been up before, now to see one of the bathroom! Very functional and easy to use place, ideal for the single person and for two people then maybe a bedroom attached at the back would be a great idea. Looks like at good amount of storage opposite the couch/bed. This little house would be great built in clusters with a simple kitchen, shower/loo and eating/reading/bed area to make it affordable for cities to provide shelter for people in need.

  • Is the sofa also the bed? I assume there is a bathroom behind the desk, but it would be nice for a little clarification. Most of these houses have an overhead loft for sleeping. Is the heat electric? I see no evidence of heat yet I feel sure this is heated.

    I am always stunned when I see the pricing for these homes, as it often seems way out of line. I have lived in a 29′ RV for months at a time and it has loads of room and storage and cost far less than any of the small home prices I have seen.

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