Kid’s Tiny House

A lofted tiny house intended to house kids for playtime.

This was built long ago but I moved it onto our property last year and completely overhauled the interior. Not exactly a house but small: 80 sqft plus a loft.

Shared by J. Boosinger.


  • sc says:

    getting the kiddies ready for tiny house living.

  • Very nice I really like the widow seat I think windows play a really big part in comfort in a small space I just put in a picture window and it made a lot if differences for me

  • Marilynn in NorCal says:

    Well actually, Liz, it IS a house, fully electrified and insulated. Making it into a house for full-time “modern” living is a matter of adding plumbing and the basic bath & kitchen appliances. When not being used as a bedroom, study or gathering place for friends, it makes a comfy guest house. (Yes, I’ve stayed in it. The bathroom is the only thing I miss, LOL!)

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