Backyard Writing Shed

A modern-styled writing shed in London.

A small backyard writing shed in London. Designed by Weston Surman & Deane Architecture.


  • Joe Rich says:

    This is a nice construction. But isn’t the concept of small houses to think small? If this is an “extra” room to an existing house, how is it thinking small?

    • sc says:

      thats not a house, its a study room, office. although i would be inclined to turn it into a house by adding a sofa bead and fridge. there is not concept, people build what they need. they dont need any other reason.
      i must say, the only problem i have with this job is placing the wood logs inside. even a city slicker like me knows thats a no no, unless you want to have a place for rodents and other vermin. but maybe the writer writes about mice.

  • I want my hubby to build me something like this someday when we have land 🙂 Except made of adobe and smaller/cozier. More like my personal hobbit hole.

  • Eroca Brawne says:

    A beautiful little sanctuary – that would be a lovely place to work and reflect.

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