Kasl Family Tiny House


The Kasl Family’s tiny house features two lofts. One for Mommy and Daddy, the other for the kiddos.










  • sc says:

    I remember this show, episode 8 of the tiny house nation show. I didnt remember how cute the exterior was! love the 2 style siding, shingles on the top, clapboards(?) on the bottom. I love that look. love the dormers the full length of the house. why not? also love the way the show makes sure the trailer bottom is properly covered. it makes things look so much neater.

    That pinboard in the corner converts into a learning/eating table if i remember right.Is that a serious sink or what? love the wine barrel tub/

    only thing from that show was the set up for the two kids, a boy and a girl sharing one loft. its okay for now i guess, but they get in their teens I cant imagine it will be much fun for them. But that is a while away.

    • Sue says:

      When they get older mabe the tiny house could have tiny annex so they could have their own rooms eventually to be their own tiny houses. 🙂

    • Laura Nason says:

      I wanted to thank you for inviting us into your home and the process. Fell absolutely in love with the idea and have shared it with family and friends. We’re all heading to Orlando to check them out in person since no one has seen them up close. We now have 5 family’s wanting to do this. Great job wishing you the best and keep us posted. Such a positive movement.

    • dorothy says:

      Just wondering what you used as the “skirting”. Just finished a small home for my sister that is off grade and this looks like a good solution to cover the underside of her house.

  • Valerie says:

    I love this tiny house! It is the first one I have seen with a real life sink! I love the bathtub/shower too, very clever! Best to the family!

  • Tara says:

    Lovely tiny house. Very well done and a pleasure to be able to have a good look. Thanks. 🙂

  • Love the dirty close hamper…

  • Wait why are they selling it? It kinda pisses me off that they got on the show, had all that help to build it, free help mind you, and now they are selling it? That is like people selling their homes after being on “Extreme Home makeover”. Given an opportunity that so many people don’t have to only sell it… I hope no one buys it. Its is like a slap in the face to all those working hard to make their tiny dream a reality. Such disappointment. Whatever the reason for selling, it tells me and everyone else, you did not think things through before building and moving in your tiny house.

    • Kimberly says:

      According to her blog post on 9/17, they’re selling their big house and looking forward to moving into their tiny house permanently. http://matthew1525.blogspot.com/2014/09/say-cheese-goodbye-stuff.html

    • Kate Montana says:

      Where did you see that they are selling it? I don’t think that’s true…

      • They paid for their home. It wasn’t free. They just got some help with the design. I really dislike people that supply misinformation or think they know it all.

        • Lisa E. says:

          They just made a mistake. They aren’t intentionally disseminating false information. We all make mistakes. Let us just gently correct the error and move on without eviscerating someone for having expressed an opinion. Had this family really been selling the TH instead of their big house, then we know how this person would feel about it; and that’s okay, too.

          Great house. LOVE the exterior look. I want an “Uncle Pat” too!

    • Julie says:

      I love this little house, and WISH they were selling it, I’d buy it! so cute, I love the wine barrel tub.

      (those who read their blog carefully will have seen they are selling their “big” house and can’t wait to live in their tiny full-time. he who did not read it carefully just threw up unnecessary negativity on the rest of us. yuck.)

    • Alex says:

      They aren’t selling it. I think it was simply cross-posted on Tiny House Listings. Mom Kim has a blog about the house- http://matthew1525.blogspot.com/2014/09/tiny-house-for-family-of-four-yes.html?m=1

    • Brin says:

      I think I saw it under Tiny House Listings for buy, sell, rent. And a dialogue was that it was $28,000. I could be wrong….if I am I apologize and please delete this post. Thanks.

    • Effie M. says:

      there is no mention of it being sold on their blog. They are moving it closer to their big house as the commute was too long for the husband. They have secured a spot in an event park for a year and ordered a new heater capable of keeping them warm in their very cold winters. 🙂

    • Megan says:

      In all fairness, on Extreme Makeover, they’re building homes that cost a LOT of money to heat/cool/maintain. The property taxes alone could be massive. Sure, they don’t have rent to pay… but they’re also now doubling their monthly payments for operating a household. It’s the same reason a lot of lottery winners end up bankrupt – they begin living a lifestyle they don’t have the means to maintain. I can totally understand the need to sell if it’s the only major asset you have…

      Just pointing out that that’s a different situation than downsizing to an affordable space 🙂

    • KendraHaven says:

      If you watch the show it wasn’t free at all. All the people who participate pay. Most are at least $30,000 or above.

    • Latisha says:

      This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wrgniti!

  • Jennifer says:

    love the bath tub/shower! where did they get it from??

  • Kim Kasl says:

    The Tiny Kasl is NOT for sale!
    It will remain the Tiny Kasl FOREVER!

    *Thank you for the sweet comments!

  • Teri says:

    This house has cute and efficient written allll over it.

  • Robin says:

    I live in St Louis Park, MN and love your house. Where did you find a place to park it? I would love to live in one but have no idea where I would be able to keep it. Nice job.

  • Ellen Marie says:

    Things change so much for parents when their little kids turn into big kids

    If people helped make a lovely home for this family when their kids were
    Little I am sure that it made a huge difference
    in their lives through some critical times. But it’s not surprising that they migh
    Have to seek another solution when the kids were bigger- I hope
    No one would begrudge them selling their home at that point and finding
    A place that worked. Part of this movement is the concept of using only what you
    Need- when you need it.
    With love,
    A mom with teens.

  • Michelle says:

    I love the exterior and the water barrel tub/shower. I also love the farm sink. I get how the loft access runs across, easy access to the kids but one thing that the adults should have is a privacy curtain on their end. Also, in the kitchen you have a dish rack on the wall. I would suggest cutting it back a little, remove metal spice rack to remove some bulk and run shelves all the way down to help eliminate your counter clutter giving you more space around your sink. Also, I would put some shelves behind the toilet for your necessities and towels which will remove clutter from your windows. Other than that, it’s beautiful and I love the loft access and storage ideas! Beautiful job

  • Robin says:

    Oh, what a charming, well thought out home. <3 I visited their blog but it was too long for me to find out WHY they are selling their "Big House" and moving into a tiny mobile house. I get the downsizing (I think it was 1,900 sq.ft.) but I couldn't find out the rest of their story. Still, sweet place to call "Home."

  • Judith says:

    Love how they did the shower layout and found the laundry drop basket genius. ;0) Also, the outside home design is very charming.

  • Andrea Hardy says:

    love this sweet little house and the decor! the workmanship is outstanding!

  • Donna says:

    Hello! Very sweet home. I’m looking for one myself but I live in CA (Oakland, Bay Area) I’m a little overwhelmed thinking that i need to find a plot of land as well but the tiny house living is for me and for my two little dogs.

  • I love the interior finishes… What kind of walls are those? I was under the impression that dry wall wasn’t good bc it would get damaged during moves too easily?

  • Carie says:

    I went to visit my parents this past weekend and help them open their camper for the summer. Lo and behold there was your tiny house! I was a little star struck when I saw it. I have been watching your blog for some time and my husband and I would like to do something like this eventually. We would love to come and visit your house sometime. My parents are Bob and Carole and work in the front office during the summer.

  • Monica Martinez says:

    We are planning to begin building our tiny home at the end of the summer and this is the one! Do you know who the manufacturer is? We’d love to get our hands on the plans!

  • Sam says:

    How do they have any privacy from their kids? Husband and wife are suppose to have a healthy relationship in the bedroom as well. They should fin a way to close their sleeping area off if they plan to live their permanately. And be very discreet! 😉

  • Carol says:

    That is a super-cute house! Great organizing ideas, too! If the Kasl family can do so much with such a small place, that gives me encouragement for my small room, lol! BTW, it’s their house, they can set it up however they want, keep it, sell it; it’s theirs. I say it’s adorable, efficient, lovely and now I feel like renovating my small space! Thanks for the inspiration! 😀

  • Mariana says:

    Love this sweet little house!!

  • Jeff Baxter says:

    YOUR tiny house, is very very well done. Congrats.


  • Juan says:

    Las mejores planos de casas aqui encontraras lo que buscabas por todo internet!! Es tu solución !!

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