• Bastian says:

    Erm…. sorry, what is tiny on this house? The only thing missing, is a hangar for your helicopter…..

  • Mary Knoblauch says:

    I like the Elmore tiny house alot. It’s really quite nice. I’ll do some more exploring and see if I can find a price on the Elmore the way it’s pictured except I don’t need a refrigerator quite that big being a single person it’s a beautiful tiny house.

    • Hannah Tilley says:

      Movable Roots is the company that built it – they actually do custom builds so this is built specifically to another customer’s specifications. They could do the same thing for you! You should contact them – Mike and Nikki are awesome 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      I really would like to know the price for this. Beautiful!

  • smitty says:

    Bravo! Finally a tiny house that I would want to live in. This tiny house is gorgeous!

    Screened in porch ✔
    Closets ✔
    Design ✔
    Laundry ✔
    Full size appliances ✔
    Roomy ✔

  • Jon says:

    Small maybe, but not tiny.

  • Mary Dixon says:

    This is THE no so tiny house I would move into with a 24 hour notice in any location. Enough room for two adults that don’t sleep together and enough room for a decent office space for two geeks. And…a kitchen better than what I have no, not to mention a huge bathroom compared to mine. Hah…so much for a “bungalow” with three bedrooms. What I have now does not make good use of space and it about drives me nuts….really.

  • Jeff says:

    This is nice! Just a note on safety to the folks who are thinking about this size trailer . . . it’s BIG. You can’t simply hook this up to your 1/2 ton pick up and cruise around the country. Not everyone even has the driving skills to pull something likes this either. That being said, perhaps due to its size you would simply pay a pro to park it for you in the woods and enjoy it. Just saying some of these houses are far from tiny . . . even though they’re awesome! Screen porch is just so awesome, especially if you live in a place with tons of mosquitoes!

  • Bulldozer says:

    I Like This, This is nice! Just a note on safety to the folks who are thinking about this size trailer .

  • Kaaren Wenger says:

    Anyway to see a blueprint for the “Elmore” maybe as built above, love the full appliances and screened porch. I am doing research for an endowment that is going to build a community of ‘tiny’ or smaller homes for families and young adults that need a fresh start.

  • KT says:

    Fresh and airy finishes on the interior but … come on! Why not just build a small more normal shaped house? What’s with all these boxy, elongated McMansions on wheels? They’re all like living in a really long hallway that happens to have some seating and appliances along its length. Where’s the character? Where’s the sacred geometry?

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