Electric Bed Tiny House


This tiny house has a bed that raises with the push of a button during the day and lowers when needed at night.








  • SusanB says:

    Brilliant–why didn’t someone do this sooner?! NO LADDER, no crawling, no bumping your head …What’s not clear from the description above (my first impression was a bed with head and knee lifts) is that the bed raises up to the ceiling (something they’ve been doing in RVs for awhile) and there is a built-in couch under it. It has a washer-dryer and even a dishwasher! I would have gone for some nicer finishes, put in upper cabinets and a “real” range, made the kitchen window bigger, tiled or sheet-metaled the shower (I hate plastic), made room for a tiny bathroom sink and built more storage for clothes (maybe really big drawers under the seating? The pantry closet looks like the only possibility other than the loft), but overall, a very nice little house, one of the more livable I’ve seen, especially for someone older. Tiny Idahomes, you’re off to a very good start!

  • Carol says:

    The electric bed is brilliant! This is what i have been trying to figure out for a while now. It is a pricey choice but it makes so much more sense then a loft
    and I think easier then a murphy bed because your bed is always made. Love it, it is about time someone thought of this!! GOOD JOB!! Now just need to incorporate more storage.

  • Mary S. says:

    I love this. The bed idea is genius, but everything else is great also. I love the sturdy, simple construction. It is huge having all the appliances, nice bathroom. I don’t understand that table(?) on the elbow sticking out by the bed. I hope to see more with the clever bed solution. Thanks.

  • Tom McGaughan says:

    Just curious if there is a company that makes the hardware for this bed lift. I am planning a tiny home and want to incorporate this design. Thank you

  • BB says:

    What if there was a power cut and your bed was stuck in the air…. ??
    Things that make you go hmmmm…..

  • Lori Lamb says:

    Perfect for me! I love it!

  • Karen says:

    I would love to know how much this tiny home went for.

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