eFAB House

A tiny house pre-built in Virginia.

The framing assembles like IKEA furniture with precision cut parts, minimal waste, and very little hardware. The “grid assembly” and the classic arch shape increase the structural integrity and performance in harsh weather.

A 130 square feet prefab home in Machipongo, Virginia. Built by eFab Local. More info. here.


  • sc says:

    there is something i dont like about it. its claustrophobic to me. the round walls would feel like they are closing on me, highly inefficient.

    • Kate says:

      actually where they are putting it is great for snow and all, this allows less materials for the strength and all. Quite practical. Plus personally I find it cozy

    • cap nemo says:

      This is very efficient and strong. For snow loads and rain runoff you can’t do any better than this. The mini units are even more efficient with the materials involved thus reducing the cutting needed, saves time. Great Work !!!

  • Joan says:

    Sorry guys, but those OSB skids will NOT stand up to water/moisture exposure. OSB takes only a couple of years with water exposure before it starts coming unraveled.

    But the overall shape concept I like. Reminds me of an old sheep wagon w/o the wagon. That concept is centuries old and still quite viable!

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