Colorado Tiny House

A tiny house on wheels built to last Colorado winters.

A new tiny house on wheels in Louisville, Colorado. More info. here.


  • brandon says:

    I love this but id have to have some kind couch. Lol

  • Trina says:

    What is the pitch of the dormers? Is it under 3/12? It sure looks under that. Does that affect the warranty? Colorado has some hard winters. What are the color changes on the roof? Can you get out of the window in the loft for fire escape? It looks great with the beetle kill t&g. I know how hard it is to get upper cabinets in but where are the storage spaces? What is the support in the loft? It is so hard to build the perfect functional tiny house. You didn’t show anything about the bathroom. Is there one? There isn’t a faucet for the kitchen sink. How is the water going to come out. How are you heating it? Is there a ladder to get in the loft? There are several things missing here. It has curb appeal but does it have functional appeal? Looks like you floated the countertop over the refrigerator. What is your hot water heater? Heat? How did you attach it to the trailer? Pretty and I am sure this was a lot of work. Women want storage in the kitchen and other places. Tiny homes are hard to build in the way it is safe and functional. Good luck. Trina

  • Susie Garboden says:

    You know what’s great? A floor plan…

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