Chic Shack


The Chic Shack tiny house on wheels with two lofts in Missouri.










  • Crystal says:

    Very cute.

  • Brian says:

    Very nice use of the space. I also liked the painted walls and natural ceiling. I’ll take 2. 🙂

  • Scott says:

    Very very nice. One of the few I have EVER commented on.

  • gunguru01 says:

    I like the way the outside looks but, those windows are a space hog! You can’t put anything in front of them. Also, not a big proponent of AC in tinyhomes. They suck power and are noisy. Park the trailer in the shade and open the windows. Fans work well in small airy spaces and can lower the temp 10 degrees. Any naysayers should know that my wife and I live in south GA in a tinyhome with no AC. Its actually comfortable. Check out []

    • sc says:

      Park in the shade, but what if you want solar and your panels on are on the roof?

      • gunguru01 says:

        I am working on a solar array. But, what most don’t know is that heat is the byproduct of solar panels? That means that 1….. your solar panels are outputting heat directly to your roof and 2…….. you don’t get the efficiencies that you can from a ground unit that can track the sun! So, putting panels on the roof means you have to install AC just to cool the house down………. good luck with that.:-) Living in a tinyhome is about changing the way you live as much as it is about how big you live!

    • Nicolette says:

      I live in a THOW in New Mexico, -10 degrees is NOTHING here-I have a split air/heater and both operate very quietly. Love the unit-I’d never had air conditioning before-New Mexican’s generally use what is called Swamp Coolers-this is so much better!

      • gunguru01 says:

        I wonder what people did before AC?:-)

        • T-Jay says:

          The huge demographic shift to the sunbelt in the U.S. followed the advent of air conditioning. So, one answer to this question is that they lived in cooler places. Also, only improperly installed solar panels create heat gain in roofs. Proper installation actually reduces roof temperature through shading. For humans, especially us older ones,the danger of thermal stress is real. Heating and AC are legitimate uses of technology. For me, the concept of tiny housing is about simplification, not about a culture of self-denial.

      • Beverley says:

        I like your reply. Some areas are just too warm for a breeze. Thank you for including the info on the ac/heater. I’m sure it will come in handy.

    • Julie H(stmary) says:

      Certainly a very good suggestion. The only caveat would be available shade and a desert location where temperatures are 115-120 degrees in summer. Perhaps, in that case, the R-value could be raised, though I don’t know enough about the efficacy of that approach.

  • Sally Schrock says:

    Very nice, but I am not a fan at all of ladders. Now that I’m 57 years old, I have a need for stairs, if I were to live in a two-level TH. Getting up in the middle of the night and having an accident going down a ladder is not my cup of tea!

  • Kristina H Nadreau says:

    Another less than optimum design. low end materials. There is information available about the proper height to mount a tv depending on the size of the tv and the distance to the seated viewer. These specifications appear to be largely ignored by many Tiny Home builders. This one is a neck breaker. Additionally it is over a heat source which will shorten the life of this expensive equipment.

  • Phil says:

    I like the layout, and halleluia for some storage with doors instead of just open shelving everywhere, BUT, what a waste of space in the kitchen and bathroom! Put some shelves or cabinets up there or put the microwave on a shelf to free up some counter space. I’m guessing by all of the sleeping options that this is more of a guest house, otherwise, ditch the clunky foldaway sofa and put a real one in or a fold out couch for guests. Also, for full time living, I’d add some closet rods to one or both of the lofts for hanging clothing storage.

  • Michele says:

    Probably my favorite tiny house!

  • Beverley says:

    I like the size, the amount of natural light and two lofts. I love the sitting area with the wall fireplace. I would really like staircases tho. I think that could be done inovatively to include closet space, washer/dryer combo and pantry space. I don’t like ladders anymore.

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