Caretaker’s Cabin


A tiny cabin designed to be easily transported to a desired location.









  • Mary says:

    Cute little cabin. I LOVE that it has a washer and dryer! When I think of things I would struggle to live without, a washer always rates high. I could cook on a hotplate, shower in a tiny space, go without a TV, climb a ladder to go to bed, but a washer? Not so much.

    • Nerida says:

      I lived for some months with a child in tow and no washer or dryer. It was quite simple really, I hand washed each night after the childs bath and used the bath water to wash and a quick rinse under the tap afterwards. It really became a nothing chore, the washing didnt build up either so we were never without clothes. Hanging out to dry or hanging inside in the sun-room had things drying quickly. The only challenge was washing bed linen but for the little extra effort it was worth going without the expense of a washing machine. For my TH I have no intention of including either a powered washer or dryer.

  • Jeff says:

    I know I will be contradicting myself here: I love the compact nature of this cabin design, but it seems to lack living room space at the same time. I really appreciate how the bedroom has privacy, but again, from what? Perhaps this living quarters would be for a ranch hand or park ranger or someone who just needs a cozy place to sleep. Finish looks really refined and I love the posts supporting the loft. Doesn’t top my list for design, but it’s very nice.

  • Lara says:

    Jeff–I’m wondering if there isn’t a tiny bit of “unused” space to the side of the refrigerator that couldn’t be used as living space. Looks like room for a comfy chair. Wish they had photographed that area and facing back towards the door a bit more.

    I love it. Got everything.

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