50 Square Feet Cabin


Over the course of 4 months Mike built this tiny cabin for himself for road trips, hunting and doing mostly manly stuff.








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Its was a real fun little project. I live on a farm in Iowa and just wanted to show it off.

A 50 square feet cabin on wheels with reclaimed materials used heavily. Built and shared by Mike Tucker in Iowa.

Originally shared at Tiny House Swoon.


  • Shenphen Drolma says:

    A collection of bad karma from hunting animals. Sad.

    • Griffin says:

      Not to mention dead trees…

      IT’S A CABIN!

      It is VERY hard to be a vegetarian in
      the Great White North-
      Ipiaks,Eskimos and Inuits traditionally lived on nothing but meat for much of their time.

      Perhaps you would prefer a cardboard box on the streets of Calcutta?

      The rats in India eat or spoil enough of the food supply to feed ALL those that suffer from starvation&malnutrition.

      I strongly suggest that you people let us that reject such nonsense to solve your problem…

      I liked this cabin-


      • Lone Hansen says:

        Like there is no shops around at all? Pull the other leg. Hunting is for fun – to feel like a “real” man. Nothing else. It is nothing but egocentric behaviour.

        • Patrick says:

          You poor folks must be so far removed from nature to have such a naive opinion. Country living must just be your fantasy – maybe why you look at tiny houses on the internet..

  • Kathy says:

    This is the perfect little cabin. Thank you for sharing. I love how you upcycled pieces inside and out.

  • Diane Womack says:

    To Shenphen Drolma. Sad that you don’t realize that if deer are not hunted they can overpopulate and die of starvation. That they shed their horns naturally. That if your ancestors had not been hunters, you would not be alive today. This is not a format for declaring your views on hunting. It is about the tiny houses. To Mike Tucker. Your craftsmanship really shows. I love the antique doorknob, hinged front steps, and railings. Nice use of space with the cool bed! Great work. Thanks for sharing!

    • Mike T says:

      thanks Diane. I didn’t want to get in to my karma, and the slaughtering of helpless animals in this post. I refrained from my first impulses, but the good people on this site handled things quite well. In fact, I have a BS in Wildlife Conservation, and care a great deal about wildlife. No animals were harmed to making of this cabin. You are correct, they are “shed” antlers. I can see others realize proper management practices are(unfortunately) needed in order to compensate for the loss of habitat and natural predators available for wildlife. This is one of the things that has attracted me to tiny houses, and tiny house communities. It does go deeper than my ego, although us males do need that boosted once in awhile. Around here, some females are active hunters too, which I think is great. Thank you all for the comments, I realize tiny houses can’t fix all of the problems facing us, but they sure are a fun distraction.

  • Sarahjane Dooley says:

    This is the only travel house I can imagine being possible to haul around. The others all seem too big and difficult to drive anywhere.

  • Donna Clark says:

    Nice job. What size trailer did you build it on?

  • Kurt Packard says:

    Nice work Mike! Don’t listen to the hippies, there’s no negative karma for providing for you and your family. Hunting is a tradition that goes back to the dawn of MAN. Awesome little get away you have there.

  • Pat Greene says:

    Absolutely charming. I love it.

  • Leah says:

    CUTE! I like it.

  • Mia says:

    Cute little cabin. Good reminder that extra small can still be a great solution. Also- actual vegan here, going on 13 years. Still like the cabin! Recognize each person is in their own journey and context.

    (Besides, if you want to convince someone of a ‘better’ way, whichever that is, attacking isn’t really a good way to accomplish that. Stop driving people away!)

  • Ben says:

    Really like the house.

    As far as the for/against comments about hunting, keep them to yourselves. 99.99% of us are here for the houses and don’t want to hear it.

  • Mike Wofsey says:

    I keep coming back to this page to look at this cabin, it’s deeply appealing to me, this is something I could potentially build in my garage, turn it on it’s side to haul it through the door, and then bolt onto the trailer. I find the small size inviting, maybe a perfect little weekender for my son and I.

    As for the hunting, how did that start anyway? I saw nothing in the photo to suggest the builder is a hunter, not that there is anything wrong with hunting deer. Any leisurely hike around an area with a lot of deer will turn up an antler or two when they shed them. I’ve found several without even looking for them.

    One more thing, I really like that photos were included of the construction, it makes the design more tractable to me. Thank you!

  • Doug says:

    Do you sleep in the chair? It’ a nice sitting area.

    • Robyn J. says:

      He states in the video that he likes to hunt and fish, plush numerous decor regarding both, which he points out. Not making a comment for or against hunting, just answering Mike’s comment. Doug, he also says in video that he can fold out the chair and sleep in it.

  • Robyn J. says:

    The craftsmanship in this is really nice. I personally would probably remove the large cabinet and the chair and put a futon without arms in there; a loveseat sized one would be ideal. I agree this would be easier to pull.

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