Boneyard Studios

A tiny house community in Washington, DC.

We think there is great potential for tiny houses on wheels and tiny houses on foundations in Washington DC. DC’s cost of living has risen sharply, the city lacks affordable housing options (half of the affordable housing units have been lost since 2000), and much of the city’s population is transient: moving here for a few years for a job and then leaving or working careers which require them to spend much of their time overseas or in other locations in addition to DC. With the economic downturn many homeowners have turned to creative ways to help with their housing costs.

Boneyard Studios, a tiny house community in Washington, DC. More info. here.


  • Amy Turnbull says:

    I love this idea. How did you get around zoning for your community? Are you a “manufactured” community?

  • Sharon Cooke says:

    I saw the story on Fox 5 about your tiny houses in NE DC. I would like to have someone speak about your tiny house projects to the 250 employees of the District Department of the Environment in January, 2014. Please contact me to discuss at (202) 535-2511. Thanks!!

  • Xaris says:

    That second to the last picture is the one that I’ve been waiting for since I started viewing the houses on this blog. That is a LOT of people in one space. And is that a skylight on the roof?! That is just beyond brilliant.

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