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We consider this house our family’s “permanent installation”. As an artist couple, since we already rarely exhibit in commercial galleries much of our energy is now poured into this “artistic house”. Even our ten-year-old daughter Anika collaborates with us decorating the house with her DIY creations.

Aside from this little house (292 square feet including the bathroom and toilet), we are also very happy with our huge garden!

A 292 square feet tiny home in San Pablo, Laguna, Philippines. Built and shared by At Maculangan. More info. here.

Originally shared at Tiny House Swoon.


  • Robin says:

    After seeing the silliness of the Mirrorcube house, THIS house gets A+++ for charm, practicality and liveability!

    I’m not a Warm Weather Person but I can easily see how this house and where it’s located, would be ideal for the majority of the human population. 😀

    Well done and blessings sent to you and your family for sharing it with us.

  • steve shay says:

    That staircase is the perfect way to do away with grandma.

  • It just reminds me of home and my grandparents house. No air conditioning, fresh coming in and out of the house, the mats and pillows and the cold concrete floor perfect for those hot summer days in the Philippines. The stairs. Everything about it just seems to remind me back home. At first I didn’t know where this place was and I thought it was in the Philippines, and sure enough. I was right. Thank you for sharing such a lovely home. 🙂

  • Hanna says:

    Beautiful house! I’m planning on building a house like this. May I know how much did it cost the owner to build this house and who designed it? Thanks

  • Eric says:

    Is that woven netting on the balcony, like fishnets? What is the purpose of the yellow C-clamps and the ropes tied off to them?

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