Abod Shelter

A housing solution for poverty-stricken areas.

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Compact and cost-effective to deliver. By truck, ship or plane, the lightweight home can be delivered onsite for quick and easy assembly. Readily manufactured in large quantities. All components are made from stock materials. Quick and simple to assemble. An entire single unit structure can be completed in one day by four people.

An affordable housing solution for poverty-stricken and disaster areas. Learn more here. Donate to the project here.


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  1. OK<

    So, is this even doable in the USA?

    This is a serious question. I want specifics too.

    There are lots of places in the USA that are "poverty stricken" but, the politicians and city councilmen would NEVER allow such a structure to be built in their areas.

    Solutions other than revolution or 20 years of legal battles to change the zoning?

  2. Our foundation, Abod Shelters Foundation, is a registered 501(c)3 organization and is dedicated to providing affordable housing wherever it is needed around the world and will use the funds collected by gifts and donations to advance this purpose. Our website is http://www.abodshelters.com. We are currently looking for Partners to help us build a large village that will include not only homes but medical, technical and education areas. We have manufacturing in South Africa with projects scattered throughout Africa. See our website for pictures and more information or if interested in purchasing and are located in Africa, go to our manufacturers website at: http://www.abod.co.za/ Thanks for your support!

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