Burlingame Treehouse

Treehouse perched high above San Francisco.

Treehouse in Burlingame, California. Photos by Alex Amend. Rent it here.


  • Heda says:

    That’s an absolutely gorgeous house but alas I have to say that building it in a living tree which is a growing, breathing being is totally disrespectful of the wonderful complex world we live in.

    • Nerida says:

      It isn’t actually going to hurt the tree. It will keep on growing, and over time it is the little tree house that is more likely to suffer. If you live in any kind of protective accommodation you have done something to alter nature, just as a termite builds a mound, or a bird builds a nest, taking one thing to build another, we too are a part of the natural, wonderfully complex world. Maybe we should all just run about naked sleep under the stars and exist on gathered fruit and berries – oops but even that would be interfering with the natural (humanless) world wouldnt it?

      I think it is a wonderful little house.

  • Bonecheese says:

    Guess we better stick to building on that “dead” soil and earth then. Lucky it isn’t a living, breathing thing…oh wait…yes it is!

  • Wil says:

    So cutting the tree down for wood to build a house on the ground would be more respectful of mother earth? A well designed and constructed treehouse doesn’t harm unduly or stress the tree, it coexists with the tree. It’s one of the the most respectful thing to do…coexist with mother nature. The tree helps provide the foundation and structure, while continuing to live and grow. Get off you high horse….oh wait, that would be disrespectful to ride a beautiful animal, better get in your SUV instead.

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