The Little Church

I thought I’d share with your some gorgeous pics we recently took of our Little Church (28sqm plus loft/mezzanine). It’s an 1808 ex-village chapel renovated two hundred years later, in 2008, with a glass-floor loft and some frescoes preserved. Its reclaimed tile floor spells “REFUGIUM” which means “haven” in Latin (quite the deal breaker for me, a former copywriter 😉

The tiny house sits in the heart of a typical hamlet in Liguria, a seaside region in north-west Italy, and is very close to the beautiful Cinqueterre area. At 400 meters above sea level, we like to think of it as a country cottage with sea views.

A 200+ year old church renovated into a modern tiny home in Campiglia, Cinqueterre, Italy. Photos by Davide Carrari. More info. here.


  • smitty says:

    See through floors! No thanks there would be no privacy!

  • Gracie R says:

    I love the see thru floor replys! I wouldn’t want them either, but the house is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Kate Crawford says:

    I love the see through floors, they let so much more light flow around the space. And since the shower is in the lounge, and there aren’t any bedroom walls, I figure you must just be sharing with family…and what’s not natural about a naked body that you’ve probably seen before anyway? And who invites guests over before they are dressed?

    To score such a beautiful stone building in such a great location, why wouldn’t you make the most of the space with light and rooms?

  • gmh says:

    It’s very lovely and interesting! I haven’t decided about the glass floors yet… wondering if earthquakes are a thing there…

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