The Little Church


  • smitty says:

    See through floors! No thanks there would be no privacy!

  • Georganne Burford says:

    This is gorgeous. I love it. No glass floors however l ol

  • Katie Savacool says:

    Beautiful job! I love the glass floors and simplicity of the redesign.
    Truly a haven from the weary world.

  • Kari Winther-Moe says:

    I absolutely love the building, but except the glass floors. They are definitely not for me!

  • blondeasmail says:

    Awww. You are living in God’s house. Love the thought.

  • Tally says:

    Charming. Peaceful. Innovative.

  • Mary Ellen says:

    What a wonderful renovation! I love the glass mezzanine floors. Reminds me of a beautiful library, and great for letting light and views of those frescoes through. Well done, and a very special home.

  • Sophia says:

    I wish they left it more rustic on the inside, the outside is so beautiful but to my eye, the modern interior ruins it.

  • Gracie R says:

    I love the see thru floor replys! I wouldn’t want them either, but the house is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Lori says:

    An area rug would solve the privacy problem, if you were having overnight guests.

  • Carol Pearson says:

    I actually LOVE the see-through floors; not only do they let in a lot of light, but they also make the whole place look bigger. If I could live there, I’d take away the to-the-floor bedding and build a pretty platform with legs for each bed and use smaller comforters so that even more light would come through.

    Given the location, privacy wouldn’t be an issue in any case.

  • Carathustra says:

    I love the glass floors and the way you retained the details of the original architecture with the beams of light playing through the structure. Well done.

  • Kate Crawford says:

    I love the see through floors, they let so much more light flow around the space. And since the shower is in the lounge, and there aren’t any bedroom walls, I figure you must just be sharing with family…and what’s not natural about a naked body that you’ve probably seen before anyway? And who invites guests over before they are dressed?

    To score such a beautiful stone building in such a great location, why wouldn’t you make the most of the space with light and rooms?

  • gmh says:

    It’s very lovely and interesting! I haven’t decided about the glass floors yet… wondering if earthquakes are a thing there…

  • Spy Cam says:

    The place looks very beautiful & peaceful,..great job..!

  • Lily says:

    The house is beautiful, and in terms of the see through floors, just put nice big rugs in the area you want privacy. Problem solve!

  • Carrie says:

    I hate the glass floors ..they seem FRAGILE in a beautiful stone sturdy structure.
    Is this house rentable? For sale?

    Love the house except for the glass.

  • marcella says:

    Thanks everybody for your comments!

    Regarding the privacy issues, as someone already pointed out this is a tiny nest meant for a family (there are no separate “bedrooms” upstairs, just a single loft space with the stairwell in the middle), and our main objective was to let in as much light as possible while making the space feel airy and bright.

    I myself would have loved to keep more period details inside, but the church had led quite an adventurous life prior to becoming our holiday cottage (warehouse, workshop, horse stable, and so on) so it was very dilapidated when restoration works began. Even the tile floor was missing, and the architect in charge was lucky and clever enough to track down some salvaged tiles from the right period (early 19th century). As he did not have a clue about the pattern they had originally been laid out in, he came upon the great idea of spelling the word that best describes the place’s spirit – Refugium, that is Haven 🙂

    If you fancy having a look for yourself, you can reserve your stay here
    Thanks again!

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