Royal Pioneer

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  1. I love this house. I’m confused a little though. Help me here . . . where is the blue bedroom located?? Would be nice to see more of the kitchen and the bathroom.

    1. Looks like an accident – there are images of two different tiny houses on this post. That’s why you are confused – because it really IS confusing LOL .

    2. I was wondering the same thing about the location of what appears to be a first floor bedroom over and above the loft. A floor plan would be helpful to see.

    3. That blue bedroom is not part of the Royal Pioneer tiny house. I could be wrong but I suspect that the last three pictures, including the one of the downstairs blue bedroom, were accidentally included in this post. I was also curious about the bedroom and wondered where exactly it fit since it’s obviously a downstairs room. But the Royal Pioneer doesn’t have a downstairs bedroom. The bathroom is on one end and the living room sofa sitting just below that huge window indicates that’s where the house ends on that side. Nevertheless, the Royal Pioneer tiny house looks great.

      For me personally, I would add more storage, maybe some low storage unit or dresser in that empty space opposite the fireplace. It’s possible there’s a good bit of storage in the bathroom but there weren’t any pictures. It’d be great if the site added pictures of the bathroom as well as the layout of the upstairs loft. The house needs a closet. Aside from needing more storage, I think it’s a great TH.

      Also, I’d really like to see a posting with more pictures of the house with the blue bedroom. I prefer a downstairs bedroom all day.

      1. I just clicked on the Handcrafted Movement link mentioned above and found the tiny house with the blue bedroom and many others. These folks do GORGEOUS work. At least from what the pictures show. No, I don’t own it or work for them, this isn’t a plug.

  2. These pictures are from two different tiny homes. Check out the kitchen table, the kitchen light, the shape of the bar on the loft – the first pics don’t match the last ones. ???

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