Restored Airstream Flying Cloud

Completely restored 1954 Airstream Flying Cloud.

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1954 Airstream Flying Cloud trailer completely restored. Restoration by Timeless Travel Trailers.


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    1. I agree with Kristy – I noticed the photoshopped scenery in a couple of the shots (windows). Doesn’t make any sense to do that – anyway, the Airstream is still gorgeous. Boy, could I ever live in that…

      1. Maybe the interior photos were taken in the garage it was restored in, so they opted not to show racks of tools and mess and instead Photoshop in scenery.

  1. Phenomenal job. I could move right in but for space for my pets. I just don’t need that much “stuff.” I see myself living in something like this when we retire.

  2. I clicked thru’ to the Timeless Travel Trailers Site- this was a commissioned by Orvis, which would explain the slick look and photoshopping of the photos. it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  3. let’s be honest here…restored means to original condition…In no way does this represent a 1954 Airstream. other than the shiney shell…especially because I would bet a price tag north of $80,000 to start !

  4. the semi circle seating area with the round table in the kitchen is the same window as when the table drops down to frame level.. turning it into a bed. Sheesh!! Same window!

  5. Juste un rêve, posséder une airstream, partir à l’aventure. Ce soir pour m’endormir je penserai à cette superbe caravane. Et si par hasard quelqu’un en à une et qu’il ne sais pas quoi en faire,faite moi signe.Merci

  6. What a beauty! Beautiful job restoring it.. Such a classic! My grandparents had a Bambi I think (it was really tiny) too bad they got rid of it or I would beg them for it now.

  7. Would totally love this! My wife and I are trying to save up for a camper. Either a teardrop one or something a tiny bit larger, but honestly this one would be a dream come true!

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