Tiny Barber Shop Downstairs. Tiny House Upstairs.

This is the home of Algier Williamson, an architect who became a barber.

This is the home of Algier Williamson, an architect who became a barber. Located in the lot behind Village Green Records, Alavista’s Bootleg Fancy barbershop has become a landmark of the Ball State University campus. His home started as just a van that he cut hair out of, but slowly transformed into what it is today. He first built a platform on top for bicycle storage, but began sleeping in a tent on it once the weather got warmer. While the platform was made of new 4×4 timbers, 2x4s and, and graded bolts, the rest was built out of salvaged materials. The “greenhouse” part of the structure is made from reclaimed windows and shutters from a demolished school and several houses in the Indianapolis, Ind. area. The facade was made from wood taken from shipping pallets, which also makes up a large part of the wood he burns for heat. Algier describes his house as “constantly evolving” because of the tweaks and additions he adds to it almost weekly.

Photos and submitted by Shawn Fink.


  • Justin says:

    So much potential yet looks like a third world junkyard… People have such a hard time finding places that allow alternative dwelling and this guys junk pile is in the middle of a busy city… What gives???

  • Lori Lamb says:

    This is what is ruining it for the TRUE Tiny House people. You , just like regular full size homes, should have to follow rules and not just put a pile of junk up and call it a Tiny House because it is a smaller pile of junk than a traditional sized home.

  • sc says:

    I like it! its in the true spirit of diy making.

  • Linda Rea says:

    No privacy but better than living in a cardboard box on the street. I am torn because a) if you like it and zoning allows it, why not but b) why not make it look better by painting it all one color or something?

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