Keep on the Sunny Side Tiny House

We would like to share some pictures of our DIY tiny house, completed last summer, that was inspired by many of the homes we swooned over on your website!
We call our home “Keep on the Sunny Side”. We have also started a tiny house company called Feel free to check it out!

A tiny house on wheels in Brevard, North Carolina. Built by Brevard Tiny House.

Originally shared at Tiny House Swoon.


  • Wanda Sue says:

    I love this tiny house! Great work! I come to this site, and swoon … and dream. :0

  • You had me at kitchenaid

  • Sandra says:

    This is really very well thought out! What are the dimensions? This unit meets my criteria..nice comfortable seating..nice kitchen, yes, you could live here!

  • Great house but why does everyone neglect to show the bathroom? That is the most important feature! 😉

  • I don’t see a bathroom.Does this tiny house have one?

  • Scott says:

    I love this place… well except the location. I would want it where it doesn’t snow

  • Hugh Wolfe says:

    Personally I’d like to see a different light “fixture” over the bed. Yes those porcelain fixtures are inexpensive, however a bare bulb is a safety concern… especially with a ceiling lower than 8′. I wouldn’t want to be under that bulb when it decides to shatter due to age or inadvertently knocking into it. Perhaps I think this way because I’m tall and “low” fixtures are a hazard for me.

  • Anne says:

    There is more info on their site, including a pic of the toilet (across from the closet).

  • Leann says:

    I have looked at many many tiny houses, but I really like yours the best!!

  • Mary says:

    bathroom yes but i don’t see a source of heat or water

  • Is there a shower and a source of heating

    • sc says:

      if you go to their website, they say the bathroom is a shower and toilet. the toilet is at the front, so the shower is the wall behind the chair. i agree the bathroom is very important and should always be shown.

      This is a very well thought out house. I had once read that a bathroom that opens into a kitchen is bad “chi” so i think the bathroom being away from the kitchen is a real plus. and they had the sense not to put a window in the bathroom. as long as you have a bathroom fan, everything is cool. the mirror is in the doorway.

  • Connie says:

    I love the floor plan/layout!! What are the exterior dimensions? Please specify if that is with or without the porch. Can you make one with a flip up porch? Also, does it have a bathroom?? Thank you! I have seen many tiny houses and this is a perfect layout. 🙂

  • dennis says:

    very kool love it

  • Paul says:

    Very cosy looking!

  • Anonymous says:

    Heya i’m for the first time here. I found this board and I find It really
    useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and help others like you aided me.

  • Terrica says:

    Beautiful house. Love the dark floors and light walls. Living room actually has room to move around in. Only thing I don’t care for is the fridge, but that’s just my personal preference. That big closet is sure to come in handy. Very nice loft area.

  • SBC says:

    This layout is just absolutely perfect for what real daily life actually looks like. Lots of tiny houses have a genius idea here and there or an arresting color scheme or overloads of overall character, etc., but what makes me want to actually pay real money for is – the closet. A real, functioning, dedicated, organized closet. One: I live in a four-season climate, 2: I live off a dirt road in a rural area which necessitates a bit of country-rough gear, 3: I also semi-regularly have social events to attend that require more polished clothing… So the clothing needs are real and immediate. One chic outfit and a pashmina simply doesn’t work when there is snow to be plowed or risk being snowed in, and neither do I want to attend a university event with family in my Carhartt coveralls and flannel (although I doubt I would be insulted by others for doing so, why can’t a female TH owner have a pretty, well-dressed persona as well?). Even a curated minimalist wardrobe has its own website and has, what, 33 pieces or so? Quality clothing wants to be treated well, too, not simply stuffed under a couch bench. And I really dislike (well, hate) a polished tiny house that becomes cluttered with wrinkly duffel bags or cheap plastic drawer-organizers everywhere because the honestly frank way of how a TH owners’ life is structured had somehow been lost somewhere in the dream of having that stripped-down aesthetic.

    Brevard, congratulations on a real build!

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