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Brevard Tiny Homes' latest tiny house build. This one has a baseball theme throughout.

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  1. So many useful innovations here– the sideways stairs, the floor storage, the shower/sink, and the sliding door with a drop-down table. All this and baseball too! Plus lots of light. Just when I thought I’d seen everything, this comes along and astonishes.

  2. Brevard,
    You include an element that I have in my design……. Common area has high ceilings, with no loft overhead, so raise the floor and don’t sweat the wheel well hump. Use that space underneath the elevated common area as storage (either infrastructure like batteries, fresh water, grey water, etc… or personal items). You will still have a really high ceiling in the common area!! Furthermore, if that storage area is really packed, you will contribute to an overall lower center of gravity.

    Now, just place the doorway anywhere you want it (you aren’t limited to that spot just before or just after the wheel well)! Use a high external front porch with 4 steps (your design uses 5… are you using a 9″ riser height or lower?) to put you above the wheel well level.. That porch does a good job of hiding the otherwise unpleasant wheel well/fender combo..

    There is no penalty for the loft height… as the rooms underneath are a simple step down. True, you have to allow for a small transition space (step down), so a tiny bit of space is lost in the common area so you don’t whack your head on the loft, but it’s not much. Another plus is if the stairs begin at the raised floor level… well it’s one less step….. one less tread taking up horizontal space.

    Nice job!

  3. That’s really an unbelievable great work! It seems extremly spacious and very bright. I think this is one of the best tiny homes I ever saw! Well done!

  4. Lots of clever features. I especially like the hand washing shower option. You can always use it to fill a little portable basin for anything that might need a sink, like washing out washcloths or whatever that you might prefer not to do in the kitchen sink.

  5. Perfection!!! I have finally found the Tiny House that I want to buy and live in! Just need to do 2 things: 1) Find somewhere to put it. 2) Sell my home so I can pay for it and live mortgage free.

  6. This is awesome on so many levels. Firstly, the overall size of 8 feet x 24 feet, which is the size of a Tiny Home I would personally go for. The stairs and their location, complete with storage facility, is ingenious, and the best stairs I have seen so far on this site in a Tiny Home. There may be one or two things I would personally change, one being the loft roof in having it all one level (maybe the design is based on baseball – I’m English so don’t know), but the layout, especially of the shower and toilet area is an excellent size as some of them can look claustrophobic, which I am.

    This is a great looking place with lots of space and natural light. Well done to all.

    Cee Jay/Leigh on Sea, Essex, England, Britain.

  7. I been looking at smaller Homes for while and i have to say that I just love the layout of this Tiny Home. Personally I cannot think of anything that I would change. Wonderful, Thanks for sharing ūüôā

  8. Great post, and I love Brevard! A few of the comments could be used as case studies in an expository writing class.– good reminders of the importance of clarity.

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